If there was a place and a time that you could return to, where would it be? Who would be there? What would you see? What is so auspicious about this place and time, and why do you yearn to return back there, again?

It’s one last time, for the sake of all times. Yet, you have to visit it, for one more time. Why is it so imperative that you return to this space? Why do you feel the awakening and precious ecstasy of re-visiting a place, where you once, belonged. Things are intriguing in that manner, aren’t they? Perhaps, certain places never leave our hearts. They never leave our minds. The memories may be happy. Never, they may be sad; filled with pain. Sometimes, one has to make another visit, just so that we heal the damage, needing to be, re-paired.

Even if it’s our first time visiting a particular area, there is a cleansing process, within our Spirits. It is a requirement. And yes, it’s so very needed if we are going to sustain out mental wellness.

Sometimes, we can visit places (while taking a mental cleansing), through photos. A simple stare of a photo moves us into a place of calm. If you are an artist, writer, photographer, thespian, or musician, you can comprehend what this means. So, let’s go there-even if it’s for a short time. Let’s go. We are more than likely to comprehend the journey, along the way. Let’s go there. We may not always have the time to visit it, any day.


Trinh Cong Son