When you perform the essence of music, live, there are no secrets. A true musician, vocalist, and overall artist cannot hide their emotions. For the audience will feel it. Not only will they feel it, they will know if you are true to what you are performing; if you are true to the words. They will comprehend the authenticity of your performance to the energy of your lyrics. You cannot hide from the crowd; not by a long shot. They will know, and they will hold you, accountable.

One of the delicate spices of this performance by Trinh Cong Son is the applause of the audience. You may not know the language. You may be unfamiliar to the culture. Yet, you feel the energy when it comes to you. You can’t escape passionate energy, even if you tried. “Mot Coi Di Ve” is the song. You don’t know the meaning-at least for now. However, you do understand how the energy of one performer brings tears to an audience; touches them in ways in which they have never been touched, before. So, watch this performance; really watch it this time, around. We’ll see just how authentic the song will, sound.

Trinh Cong Son