The color and audacity of Earth’s meadows and fields awakens a certain poetry within our psyche. What may seem as another component of Earth’s natural manifestation is just another arena of experiencing fantasy on Earth. It’s unfortunate that so much of humanity has not taken full advantage of these natural wonders. For, we have become “too busy,” in our urban lives to even meditate and reflect, upon them. Isn’t funny? The things we tend to value never seem to bring us the fulfillment, that we need.

Have you ever sat down in the meadows? Have you wondered through the open fields? What is the euphoria associated with it? How is its magic a reflection of our every day curiosity, to secretly enter into that place? We can’t deny such a curiosity, as it is secretly, there. Children understand that, however. That’s what they are able to do, so naturally. Somewhere, within the framework of our childhood’s psyche, there is the memory of who we are to the Earth, before we grow up. We simply understand that we are in alignment with the Earth’s cycles and rhythmic patterns. We are not above it. Neither are we below. What we are granted is the opportunity to play and perform makebelieve, within its shadows! These are the gifts within childhood’s domain, before we, grow up!

Dai campi, dai prati From the fields, from the meadows

Fields and meadows are actually open spaces for music’s creativity. Over and over, we can compose as many songs as we like. Depending on where we are, the acoustics are bountiful. There is plenty to explore, and experiment, with! Twirling, turning, and running through the meadows, there is a rebirth, amounting from, within! For a moment, we return back to our wild nature. Free, roaming the Earth, while getting in touch with our tranquil harmonies. That is the life we are meant to love and create. Ever flowing, abundant, holistic, and filled with the harmonies and melodies of nature’s comfort and bliss! That is how we are to move through nature’s ever glowing generosity!

Have you ever done such? Even as a child, have you flown through the meadows, navigated through their holistic avenues, in order to encounter a world, which is much more humane? It’s always the fantasy, which pushes us into reality’s timing! Always.

So, let’s run through the meadows! Guide them into a different field. For, they are sure to guide us, to the waters, that heal!

Nicola Filacuridi