The power of love is transition into a fantastical chamber! It transforms us into another world. Furthermore, its legacy is Earth-shattering. We feel as if we have entered into a dream world. Each time we enter into that world, we are reborn! Quand je t’aime! Quand je t’aime!

Love’s enchantment is a cycle for a consistent renewal. In fact, it’s the only way to feel that sparkle from, within. When it comes to the masculine persuasion, for love’s re-birth, a great healing is at stake. Man has a way of moving through a higher energy level, than what he has been exposed to! Man’s love power becomes like an emotional explosion. For he has re-united himself back with Heaven, and his natural walk on Earth. Quand je t’aime! Quand je t’aime!

If a man has ever been ignited, with a certain spark, awakening, or illumination through love, there are certain love songs describing this journey. For nor only is the journey a mixture between fiction and reality, but it is also a revelation (and baring) of his Soul! His willingness to be vulnerable illuminates such a beauty and need to surrender to love. Any hypermasculine traits are overturned. Love is contagious. And, no matter how a person may resists, love is persistent; wanting you to experience (and feel) every part of its sensory and decor!

Quand je t’aime, When I love you

J’ai l’impression d’etre de un roi, I feel like a king

Un chevalier d’autrefois, A knight of old

Le seul homme sur terre, The only man on Earth

What is so invigorating, concerning these lyrics is how it highlights the restoration of love. Afterall, love brings in that power. Love permits a unique chamber, where parts having been emotionally clogged, become unblocked! That’s love! For life is hard. If we are not careful, we can become hardened to its presence. Sometimes, love goes wrong! When that happens, there is a lingering pain. We don’t want to trust again. The pain was simply too agonizing (and painful) to bare. Our protective barrier forces us to turn away from love. Guarding our hearts even more, the love stays distant, that we never hear from it, again. And yet, we love comes knocking!

Quand je t’aime, When I love

J’ai l’impression d’etre a toi, I feel like a king

Comme la riviere au Delta, Like the river in the Delta

Prisonnier volontaire, Voluntary prisoner

Interesting. Oh, how we like to see love’s prisoner. And, yet, some are excited to be a prisoner in love. How enchanting and euphoric! How pleasing! If a person opts to be a prisoner, then perhaps love’s entrapment is better than a free reality! Without love, humanity has no purpose. Life is not worth living when it comes to love’s blessing! Perhaps, just perhaps, we need love!

Listening to the song, “Quand Je T’aime,” our Spirit is amplified and awakened. Simply reflect upon the freedom, when we awake to love! For, it is majestically a free experience! Just a taste of that unconditional love, and you never want to let it go. Imagine that kind of love! Loving intimately, and without having to meet unrealistic expectations. Isn’t love grand?

The passion within the late singer’s voice is telling. A person can sense the liberation, in which he is experiencing. It is a whole new aura, that has yet to be experienced. Never before has he immersed himself in such a love, until now!

When I love you, there is power! When I love you, there is peace. When I love you, there is the roaring of fantastical seas! Therefore, let love in. Let it thrive. For when love is true, our faith ever guides!

Demis Roussos