Let’s chat about how to make our weekends more productive. 

Now, if you’re a firm believer that the words weekend and productivity should never even be whispered in the same sentence, I totally get where you’re coming from. BUT, life is a constant balancing act so give me 2 minutes of your day and by the time you read my sign off you’ll be shaking your head in agreement.

 Regardless of what side of the weekend spectrum you fall on, I think we can all mutually agree that weekends go by fast. Like, faster then Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries type of fast. If you’re looking to incorporate an easy structure into your days off, here are a few tips to make the most of your weekends, every weekend.

4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Weekends: 

Fridays are serious

Spoiler alert: Friday’s are not a freebie! In fact, they are a full blown work day and should be treated as such. Don’t spend your Friday’s eyeing the clock while tapping a pen on your desk and twirling your hair. Instead, be the badass business woman that you are and effectively wrap up your week. Fridays should be taken seriously since they are a given time slot to tackle the dangling to-do’s on your list and prep yourself for the week ahead. Before the clock strikes TGIF and you speed off to split a pitcher of margs with your girls, do your future Monday self a favor and complete all your work. Something that I personally do, every single Friday, is ensure everything (schedule, work space, lists,etc) are all prepped for Monday morning. Not only does it lessen the blow of Monday morning but it helps me fully switch to weekend mode. Make sense?  

Mornings are for champions

HUT HUT! It’s time to rise and shine, team. If sleeping in until noon on Saturdays and Sundays is your jam then what I’m about to say will be your version of hell. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for giving your body and mind the rest that it deserves but I also believe that sticking to a routine, even on the weekends, is a better use of your time. By all means give yourself a few extra minutes to slowly sip your coffee and ease into a Sunday morning with Jack Johnson but don’t totally throw your weekly morning routine out the window.

Balance is everything

If you ask me, weekends should be about putting your eggs into two different baskets. The oh I will/have to basket and the oh I will not basket. DING DING DING – here is where the million dollar word of balance comes into play. Oh, you have to get your laundry done so you have clean clothes to wear to the office next week? Do a few loads in between relaxing and binge watching your new favorite show. Oh, you will not do x,y or z because it doesn’t bring joy to your weekend? Great, then don’t! Instead, do something for you. Whether that’s trying a new hiking trail or going to buy a new book – do something that will inwardly spark balance instead of putting a dark cloud over your weekend. Oh, you will carve out a Saturday afternoon to run some much needed errands before spending the night with your family? That sounds like balance to me! Taking time to find balance during your weekend does not require rocket science but it does require you paying attention to things that you must get done while realizing the things that you do not need to bend over backwards to do.

Make boundaries your bff

In life, boundaries have the potential to make or break you. I personally schedule my weekends off of the foundation of boundaries. For instance, on Saturdays I will not open my inbox and on Sundays I will grant myself an 30 minute time slot to take a peak into the email to see if there is anything I need to tackle first thing on Monday morning so I can prepare accordingly. Pushing work aside, allowing myself to have me time is crucial for my existence on this planet. I would be a raging psycho without a little TLC – you feel me? I build sky high boundaries to ensure that I incorporate self-care throughout the weekend. My point is, guard your time on the weekends by all means necessary. This is your time to mentally and physically regroup before another week takes charge. Check off items from your chore list so you aren’t adding more to your to do list during the week. Buy yourself flowers from the farmers market on Sunday because it makes you smile. Go to bed an hour earlier than normal because you can. Carve out time for those that matter the most to you, including yourself. Once you know how to properly use them, boundaries will become your best friend for life. 

What tips will you be incorporating into your weekend? 

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