When a believer is devoted to a service, one can’t help but to experience a passion for it. Seeing how that service transforms the action into a greater result contributes to the power of that service. A person cannot help but to rejoice in witnessing the end result of a task. It’s the same with faith and the power of persistence.

Back into the understanding of the Most High and the dedication of serving such a Being. So many people fail to realize how praise also comes with service. It’s a pleasure to feel that an individual (or a collective of people) are giving to a greater power of goodness, generosity, and love. It all goes goes to say that no matter what is happening in one’s life, that Divine power will always protect a person. It’s the power of faith. Oh, how sweet it tastes.

In a time when worry, uncertainty, and chaos continues to move through the land, it is the faithful, who bring hope and restoration. For, they continue to believe that everything will be alright. It is not man, who is truly in control. It is the Most High, who operates from the throne of Heaven. Isn’t such a knowledge, sweet? So, let’s add some honey to song, and immerse our musical tastebuds into the sweetness of, faith.

Barbara Jones