Life takes you through ups and downs, but meandering through the cuts and bends with elan is living life to the fullest.

My story starts thirty years back when I was in my final school year and like my peers decided to follow suit by taking up Medicine as a career. But it seemed it was not my cup of tea. Working on cadavers didn’t excite me, so decided to go in for research. My area of research was toxicology and I wanted to break glass ceilings by doing something great. I had hoped to do something for the welfare of mankind.I procured my doctoral degree, started working as a research associate in a premier institution. I had hoped to get a good prospect overseas and settle down on foreign shores.

But as it is said”Man proposes, God disposes”.I got hitched .My spouse was a earth scientist who had a touring job. So it became difficult to pursue a career. Soon I embraced motherhood and I became a hands-on mom. My life revolved around my toddlers. My career took a backseat.

During this period I was devoid of ME time and never felt at a loss of not being a career woman. But soon toddlers turned to teens and time hung. Now I felt I should re start my career. So armed with my degree, confidence on my sleeve I decided to explore opportunities.

My World came crashing when no institution wanted to hire me. A sabbatical of twenty plus odd years was not suitable for any job. My CV gap showed me the door. The world had moved into the digital age and I was at a loss. They told me I needed to learn the nuances of technology to make a comeback.

My reverie was broken and I felt as if someone had hurtled me down a precipice.But I knew I couldn’t wallow in self-pity for too long. So I decided to arm myself with nuances of technology. Along with that I enrolled for a creative writing course. I enjoyed writing and it was a kind of catharsis for me.

Soon I was ready to take on the world as I armed with writing skills and technology. I surfed the net for writing opportunities. I got a tailor made opportunity to write for the Chicken Soup Series. Getting published gave me a high and then It was no looking back. I got an epiphany that writing was my calling. Writing made my creative juices flow and I became a published writer both on print and digital media. Both national and international platforms accepted my posts.

I felt elated and soon I procured a proofreader’s job at a publishing house. They liked my work and it was ephemeral when my post got published on a national daily.

Soon I decided to start blogging and created my own blog. Along with that I self taught myself the nuances of content writing. I am now a well versed content writer, content curator, eduadvisor and online teacher. I dabble both in creative and content writing.

My multitask by being a homemaker, writer, speaker and teacher. I am wearing too many hats and have my fingers in too many pies. I work from home and now I am keen to pen down my memoir. No hanging my boots “as I have miles to go before I sleep”

My comeback has been late but with a bang so now from a dismal, drab mom I have metamorphosed into a glam mom and writer.

Dr.Preeti Talwat