After giving birth to her second born, my sister was so stressed because she was trying everything she could to lose weight but it seemed as though it was taking too long and therefore she would look back to those days when she was slim, had an hourglass figure and cry over it. She would also look at other models on magazine cover pages and TV reality shows  and this kind of stressed her so much. Weight loss was a slow painful process and she would at times get lapses where she went back to the weight that she had lost.

No weight loss should be fast and so drugs that promise you of quick results in a snap are mostly bad for your health and you will end up suffering from other complications.

Even little weight loss is good

You do not have to cry that your weight loss is slow because even losing 5 percent of your body weight over sometimes is still good as it improves your blood circulation, cholesterol and general well being according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Skin needs to adjust to lost weight

The reason why weight loss should be gradual is to even allow the skin to adjust to the lost weight and resize itself so that it does not sag due to lost weight. The best health and fitness blog winner wrote that thing such as liposuction though effective in reducing weight can have ripple effect when your skin sags since the only thing done is removal of fats but your skin is untouched.