According to studies, 85% of the things you worry about never even happen!

A study done by the American Physiological Association says that “Most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress..”

Imagine we are all constantly wearing backpacks. Naturally, we would like our backpack to be a comfortable weight while holding our daily necessities. How heavy is the backpack that you wear everyday? The answer for most of us is that we carry way too much weight on our shoulders. We fill the backpack with worry and stress that holds us back in the long run.

So.. What’s the point? Why do we allow life to weigh down on us and stress us out? There are lots of different reasons for stress but it occurs in the majority of people. The two statistics above really leaped out at me and I realized how much of my time is spent stressing about nonsense. The truth is, you can’t take worries to the grave.

We are all going to die someday and that exam you are worrying about won’t matter at all. The time you spend regretting that ice cream cone won’t have the slightest impact on our world and all of your little triggers of stress won’t hold any substance.

No one said life would be easy but we constantly make it harder than it has to be. This journey is much too short to carry around the weight of worry. Today, unload your backpack and take the weight off of your shoulders.

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