How Manifestation REALLY Works

Manifest the money you desire. Have you guys heard this phrase tossed around? Sometimes, to an outsider, it can totally lead you on and “not deliver.”

A few months ago, I hired my 1st business coach and dove all in! I read ALL the self-help books, watched ALL the meditations, wrote affirmations, learned about crystals, and chakras, and— manifestation. To manifest is bring something to life, from thought. “If you can think it, you can DO it.” Ring any bells? For ME, fresh into this new spiritual world, I was like, “heck yeah! I can manifest X amount of dollars in one day!” WRONG. That concept got shut down real fast; although, some folks DO have unearthly experiences of manifesting money out of the blue. (Look um’ up!)

I didn’t come here to rag on how manifestation DOESN’T work and shut all your dreams down, but I did come here to tell you what came from that experience and teach you “how manifestation REALLY works.”

You see, it’s like this: God doesn’t teach us patience by giving us perfect lives. God teaches us patience by giving us experiences to PRACTICE patience. In the same way, we can’t ask the Universe for $10K in 30 minutes and expect to manifest it. INSTEAD, we have to ask the Universe for 10K and align our actions accordingly. We must step into our highest selves and act from that to yield results.

So what will happen immediately if I try to manifest a certain amount of money? (You may ask.) 

1st: Make sure your thoughts about money are pure, non-blocking, and not coming from a place of “lack;” or the Universe will show you quickly you aren’t aligned with what you’re asking for. It will keep anything great from happening. 

2nd: If you ARE aligned, however, and you’re trying to manifest X amount of dollars— the Universe will offer up opportunities, experiences, clients, and other amazing things that match up with your goals! Your life will move forward and you will gravitate/magnetize your mission! 

When I was trying to manifest the heck out of some new clients for my personal training biz and therefore more dough— it seemed like EVERY program launch, ad, or call, I was let down! But when I aligned with my purpose and calling— and tried to manifest my dream life/career— the Universe started dumping all sorts of stuff into my lap! Opportunities to get into expensive programs (for FREE), new connections with mentors in my field, networking events, friendships, and women reaching out and asking if they could have me guest-star, cohost, or be an affiliate of their company! My dream life was (and still is) unfolding before my very eyes. It’s like a lightbulb went off!


Have gratitude for the present

Align with purpose

Step into highest self

Start manifesting anything you desire, including money (EP. 6)

Bam! Everything then works for the good! It totally will for you as well if you follow these steps.

Like I said before, don’t expect the Universe to just drop a trophy in your lap. Expect to work for it— work HARD for it. And receive it.

Yours truly,


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