Yes. You read that right.

The future of the sustainable enterprise is NOT in any Silicon Valley that gobbles up rare-earth materials in the technological frenzy to escape from Earth.

It is happening quietly, as you read this, in a network of “Carbon Valleys”, far from cities, across an ecologically conscious world.

These ‘Nuclei’ are geographic spaces, co-owned by passionate individuals, who are unafraid to challenge centuries of status-quo. This is where systems for a new way of living, learning and earning are getting propagated. Modeling a new-kind of nature-based, sustainable micro-enterprise, making it the probable industry of the future.

  • This eco-entrepreneurship model is designed and nurtured by Mother Nature who is the capitalist-owner and abundance-giver at the same time.
  • Uses minimum control, minimum labour and capital and produces very high yields with very high individual commitment/engagement.
  • This replicable model mimics Mother Nature where total stock of natural resources is always rejuvenated as a first and then continuous step.
  • What’s even more remarkable is it ensures perpetual surpluses in water, food and energy needs (but NOT for everyone’s greed!) for all the members of this community.
  • This in return effortlessly nourishes the emergence of enterprising, experimenting and energising community within its embrace.
  • As one can see, much if not all of the ‘value’ generated remains within the system and exchanges hands while widening the embrace
  • Giving rise to a network of “carbon-valleys” rather than “silicon valleys”!

The Best part? This is nurtured as much by a community of stakeholder-consumers as it is by a new community of interdependent Eco-entrepreneurs. No indifferent middle-men. Just well-wisher “Hiteshis”, on either side of the conscious transaction, who voluntarily apply a new definition for value, on resources other than money, like water, earth, air, energy and the means to grow food and other value-add materials and products.

Who are these people?

Well, they’re just like you and me, everyday warriors who’ve just decided to step away from the cobbled path.

They come from a diverse background – from social workers to IIT engineers; doctors to architects; farmers to development professionals; corporate executives to senior bureaucrats; management experts to experts in appropriate technologies.

These are folks who can naturally commit to a vision for self and community, Self discipline, Strong will, Care for others and Entrepreneurial thinking.

What we consume, we repay with interest, treating Mother Nature as the all-nurturing owner” – they proclaim with pride and a deep sense of mission.

Just ponder this for a moment:

  1. Instead of confronting and renouncing the goods of capitalism, they use them much as we use capital: prudently and responsibly.
  2. Grid electricity used till self reliance, is recorded and over the following years, a greater quantity will be generated locally using solar, wind or biomass.
  3. Likewise Fossil-fuel for vehicles: this ecosystem will mill and extract diesel equivalents from oilseeds.
  4. What about water? These change-makers will harvest a quantity of rain water greater than used, in the watershed.

Nope, this is not any imaginary “Shangri-la”. You just have to get out and look for them, there quite a few already! Sounds strange and almost unbelievable, doesn’t it? It was for me to at first, but not anymore, now that I’ve witnessed this revolution first-hand.

An evolved soul who happens to be a much sought after astrologist-numerologist just sent me an encouraging New Year’s Wish suggesting 2018 adds up to 11, a powerful number, which promises to stir up everyone from their slumber to realize lofty dreams, motivating them towards spirituality and Mother Nature.

Are you ready to be woken?

Happy 2018!