We’ve all been there are one point.

Looking in the mirror and feeling like a fraud.

Feeling like you don’t have anything to offer the world.

That gut-wrenching feeling that there’s nothing special about you so why should you share anything about your life, business, services?

If you feel like this, know that you aren’t the only one. There are so many other women, other entrepreneurs, out there feeling the same way right now.

There are women who are struggling with how to overcome the same negative voices in their head.

They are tired of having to constantly remind themselves that they are experts, they are worth the prices they charge and they deserve the business of their dreams.

The voices in their head make them scared of success.

I’m here to tell you that the voices in your head are wrong.

Dead wrong, my Queen.

Whether it’s several times a day you go through these emotions or just every once in a while it’s something we all as business owners have to deal with.

I too was once in your shoes.

I too have dealt with impostor syndrome and still have it from time to time. I’ve learned that through meditation I can squash those voices in my head.

5 benefits I have seen from meditation are:

Reduced stress levels

As a mum, BOSS, coach and mentor stress is all around me! Meditation has allowed me to reduce stress and be able to deal with the day to day challenges that come with running an online business.

Lengthened attention span

This one is probably a big one for a lot of you! It’s definitely one that I am enjoying and my business is reaping the benefits from it. My mind is clearer and with clarity comes momentum with everything you do.

Improved sleep

We all know the stresses of the day can come to bed with us if we let them. Meditation has allowed so many women, just like you, to leave everything circling in their mind at the bedroom door. This is a battle for most business owners which meditation can help with.

Decreased blood pressure

With meditation known for reducing stress and anxiety, this doesn’t come as a surprise benefit but it’s a welcomed benefit for some!


As we grow into our roles as successful entrepreneurs we need to become self-aware. Having a good sense of self and able to grow into your best self is key to not only success in business but personal success. Meditation has helped me become more self-aware and allowed me to help other Queens, like you, achieve the same goal.

If this is something you need help with I offer free guided meditations that can help. Within the audio sessions, I guide you through the meditation to help you learn how to centre yourself, become aware of the origination of your feelings and how to effectively address them. How to notice these feelings bubbling up and face them head-on.

Originally published at jenniferhardie.me