Are you finding yourself constantly procrastinating over every little task?

Have you thought about the deep-rooted cause behind why you’re feeling this way and the reason why your brain is switching itself off by procrastinating on meaningless tasks…

Sometimes even when we set out with our aims and motivations high there is an underlying feeling of resistance and this is why you are finding each day to be less and less productive. This resistance is usually caused by some element of fear.

Here are some techniques to overcome your fears to reach your desired level of productivity.

Ask yourself, what are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of failure? If you have a feeling of self-doubt and you lack confidence in yourself this can often lead to relentless procrastination. This inaction can have an effect on your life for years if you let it! Trust me I’ve been there!

The key is to take action now to bust through any fears by finding out what exactly it is that you are afraid of.

Write down your fears with a pen and paper, then write down 3-5 action steps of what you can do to overcome the fear.

For example, if your fear is related to self-worth. If you don’t think your good enough, smart enough, brave enough the action steps might look something like this:

1. Practice an hour of self-love daily
2. Advance your skill set
3. Stop comparing yourself to others
4. Don’t be so hard on yourself
5. Don’t let other people’s judgements have an effect on you

For self-love practices, I would recommend using some rose quartz crystals whilst you are writing down all of your fears to give you that extra burst of loving energy.

Re-evaluate your goals

Are your goals causing you to resist and giving you a paralysing feeling of fear? Then you need to listen to that feeling and re-evaluate your goals so they are more aligned with your heart.

It doesn’t have to be… GO GO GO all of the time, it’s OK to take baby steps to reach where you want to be – everyone grows at their own pace.

Let go of your fears

We often let our fears prevent us from being where we need to be but it doesn’t need to be like that. Listen to my 10 min letting go of your fears meditation to help you let go of any fears which are preventing you from becoming the person you are destined to be.

Change your perspective

It always comes back to mindset, doesn’t it? Our minds are complicated, and thinking patterns aren’t the easiest thing to adjust. However, if you try and look at a situation from a different angle it can often help you see things in another light.

For example, if you stop thinking about yourself for one minute and that constant cycle of self-limiting beliefs and actually step out of the ‘me, me, me’ mindset and start focusing on not you but your ability to serve. Shift your mind to a place of being on the planet with the sole mission to serve and help people it can dramatically change the way you look at day to day tasks.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this post, if you are feeling fearful each day. Practice my 10 min Letting Go Of Fear Meditation daily to help you to let go and relax.

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