I know my team of unstoppable women are always striving for more. Our ambition and drive is what makes us tick. Although last year may have been a good year, we want to make 2018 even better! The New Year is a chance to be better and follow our dreams by achieving the goals we set for ourselves.

So here are a few of my tips on how you can step into your greatness this New Year.

Write Down Your Goals

To kick-start the New Year with a positive business mindset, we must first determine a focus.

What is the main theme for your goals this year?

For example, my theme for 2018 is all about giving. My aim is that for everything that comes in something must go out.

Here are some other ideas to help get you started…

My focus for 2018 is _________

  • Mindfulness
  • Personal Growth
  • Family
  • Travel
  • Finance
  • Fitness
  • Purpose

If you are struggling to develop a strong focus, a life audit may be for you. Life auditing is a fantastic way to determine where to direct your energy and find your true purpose. I have a FREE 5 Day Life Audit Challenge for you to work on – you can click here to join!

Once you’ve developed a focus, let’s now create 12 goals around that theme for each month of the year to keep you in check!

Creating a vision board is a good way of noting all of the things you want to achieve this year. Remember to keep your vision board in a place that you will see regularly so that the goals you’ve set for yourself are always at the top of your mind!

Practice Gratitude Daily

Self-care should be on the top of your priority list as you can only ever be your best self when you feel your best self. One technique that I would advise you to do which will help you to feel instantly rejuvenated is to practice gratitude. It will only take minutes out of your day to write up a list of things that you feel grateful for.

It has been shown that people who take the time to notice and reflect upon the things they are thankful for experience more positive emotions, sleep better, express more compassion and kindness and generally feel more alive. So let’s do it!

Get 7 Hours Of Sleep

Find a routine that works for you and stick to it! Sleep is so important to reduce stress, help with your creativity and your health and wellbeing. Make sure you are getting your recommended seven hours of sleep. I know that this can be a struggle for many, so even if you can’t sleep throughout the whole night try and include daytime naps into your routine to help you fill in any gaps.

Set One New Habit Every Week

What do you want to achieve? Are you looking to clear yourself of debt, drink more water, quit smoking?

Whatever your new habit maybe you need to commit to achieving it. This blog post explains the process of how you can break bad habits and make new ones stick which is scientifically proven to work! You need to start working on creating habits that will stick, no matter how small they may seem.

Read A Book Each Month That Will Inspire You

Reading can be such a powerful medium to inspire you or even change your perspective. I would advise any entrepreneur to read as much as they can. Even if it’s one book per month, quarter, year. Make sure you always keep your mind open and listen to the advice of others who have been on a similar journey. This will really help you to step onto your own path of greatness.

Have a look at my Top Must-Read Self-Development Books for Entrepreneurs here.

What are you wanting to achieve in 2018? Let me know in the comments and I will share my advice on how you can get there!

Originally published at jenniferhardie.me