For the go-getters of the world… guess what? It’s time for you to STEP UP and get out of your comfort zone! Those who are willing to take risks and dive into a world of uncertainty are always going to reap the biggest rewards. It’s time to get rid of that security blanket and design a life of your dreams. Here are a few tips and tricks I learned along the way that helped me really step out of my own comfort zone.

Accept change

You need to learn to accept and adapt to change. Come to terms with the fact that change is a positive thing and try not to be so afraid of it. I love the term “when one door closes, another door opens”, by Alexander Graham Bell because it couldn’t be truer. Most people who gain massive amounts of success had a negative experience which led them to embark on to the right path. So don’t be afraid of change, try to welcome it! If you don’t open up your mind to try new things or overcome your own personal boundaries you will never grow.

Choose your tribe wisely

Surround yourself with people who make you feel inspired and encourage you to chase your dreams and be yourself. Always remember that positivity is a mindset which is contagious. Don’t allow people in your inner circle to drain you of energy and tell you what you can and can’t do because that negative mindset can rub off on you too.

Learn and understand before you dive in.

Some of the most successful people use the five-hour rule. The concept is pretty simple and easy to implement. The rule is to find one hour from each weekday and dedicate it to practice and learning. The most popular forms of using the 5-hour rule is through reading, reflection and experimentation. This is a great habit to adopt if you want to try something new and step out of your comfort zone. It can even help to give you the confidence boost you need to take an idea to the next level.

Acknowledge & Remind yourself WHY

Keep a journal and write down everything you do and remind yourself WHY you are doing it. Do you want a higher quality of life for your children, do you want to find fulfilment in your career? Ask yourself WHY you want to step out of your comfort zone and when you know the why, it will drive you to then dig deeper and work how the HOW.

Plan ahead

Have a plan for each day and set goals to minimize procrastination. Plan what you will do a day in advance so you’re always keeping the ball rolling. Remember to never forget to schedule your own downtime to clear your mind and take yourself away from everything. Whether that’s going for a walk around the park or spending time with family. It’s so important that you schedule time for your own personal well-being!

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