I think this is such an important topic for me to write about as working as a solopreneur it is so important to harness that power of collaboration. Especially after my retreat to Cape Town, I realised the true potential and meaning of collaboration and how it can really enrich your life and the work that you do.

I learned that from working within the online space, it isn’t a dog eat dog world which many seem to relate to climbing the corporate ladder in a traditional 9-5 office job. Working online is a breeding ground for partnerships, collaborations and opportunities to work together and bring ideas, thoughts and goals into action.

I want to tell you or even remind you that it should always be about collaboration over competition. The act of comparison or competing with who you think are your “competitors” will only end up in your own undoing and will be a lonely road of despair.

Creating collaborative relationships will expand your horizons and is key to your own visibility as you can leverage other audiences. You are also able to showcase people you admire and their unique talents through your influence and when you think about it this doubles the power you have when you can offer more than one way of helping others succeed. There is a great power of women in different niches and different stages of their business working together to push forward as one united front.

Working together, instead of against each other can prove beneficial to your own personal well-being and happiness. Working as a solopreneur can be lonely, as you miss that one basic human need which is that element of social interaction. This is when anxieties creep in when you are on your own and you forget your own power when you have no one around you to pull you back up from a negative headspace that can really spiral out of control.

This is one of the reasons why I enjoy doing my group coaching calls so much, because I get to communicate and interact with other like-minded individuals and it feels good, it feels good to share my expertise with others and help them push forward. If you aren’t particularly in a position to do group calls. A few ideas include scheduling your own weekly meetups, try out the Sharpr app to find like-minded people and arrange coffee meetings or have a look on Eventbrite and see what events are on in your local community.

I hope this post has shown you the potential of community over competition and why you should harness the power of collaboration. Working together, showcasing one another and celebrating together is where it is at!

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Originally published at jenniferhardie.me