Leadership is such an important characteristic for any entrepreneur to have in their toolbox of skills. My idea of a leader is a person who is able to create an inspiring vision of the future and to motivate and inspire people to engage with that vision!

I am a mother of 3, with no qualifications and a background in musical theatre. I have managed to build an online empire of empowered women who entrust in me and believe in my vision. You can too! It is possible to change your path. Within the coaching industry especially, this is a such a required skill, to be able to lead, support and guide your clients onto the right path. So, let’s get to it – my top 10 qualities that make you a stand out leader!

Ability to serve

You need to always remember that you are serving the people you are leading. You want to inspire and help everyone grow and develop skills – this is what earns trust and respect. A quote I once heard was, “if service is below you then leadership is above you” . This quote resonates so deeply with me, as I truly believe that I need to serve my clients with ease to demonstrate my leadership qualities.


Always be the first one there and the last one to leave. Learn at every opportunity that is thrown at you. Become an avid fan on learning – read, listen to podcasts, attend talks, watch leadership mentors on YouTube. There are so many ways you can learn and stay on top of your game!

Trust your team

Let go and have faith in your team’s abilities. Learn to be humble and take note from your team members as there is always an opportunity to learn. No one knows everything, we are all human. You can be a mentor but also learn from your peers! In another light, trust your team’s potential and their ability to reach their goals. Learn to take a step back when you know they will reach the same destination, but may need to learn a lesson or two on their own.

Take Responsibility

Great leaders tackle important issues and problems head-on, they don’t pass on problems for other people to solve. Always remember that everything is fixable, so take on the big problems yourself. I promise you, that feeling of accomplishment is worth it in the end!

Know your team

Get to know your team and understand what their drivers are behind achieving success. Hear about their family, dreams and desires. Trust in their potential and be their chaperone until you see them stepping into their own path.

Be clear in your vision and don’t be scared to speak up about changes you want to make. Make sure that you clarify your mission to reach that end goal and keep your team up to par so that they are always on the same page as you.

Admit that you are wrong when you are and take criticism. Constructive criticism can sometimes be a window into a whole new world of opportunity. Take each negative comment as a blessing for you and a chance for you to improve and self-develop not for them, but for yourself. Remember to always show gratefulness for what you have achieved.

Confidence & Courage

The two c’s – confidence and courage both can be developed, you don’t have to be born with it. The more you practice making bold decisions. The more you see the fruits of your labour, your confidence in return will grow.

Be on fire for your cause! Passionately talk about your projects and show enthusiasm about the growth of your team and have passion in your overall vision.


Always stay true to yourself. Perfection and flaws will make you the greatest leader you can be.

Below is an exercise to get you thinking about your own vision. Answer these questions to get an idea of what you want to achieve.

1) What is your mission statement?

2) What do you want to do?

3) Who do you want to serve?

Put a date on it… And start to create your legacy!

Originally published at jenniferhardie.me