Welcome to Share your #StrokeofGenius on Thrive. This is a place to be inspired and to inspire others. Filmmakers Kyle and Liam have traveled across America finding stories of triumph. Here, on Thrive, they will be sharing these stories and providing you the opportunity to share your story as well. When you open up and share your story of triumph with others, it gives them the opportunity to experience that triumph as well. The #StrokeofGenius is in everyone, and we encourage you to join our community and stay tuned for more videos, content, guest contributors, and more.


  • Kyle grew up in Palm Springs, began his career in Los Angeles, and now resides in New York. He has worked with the New York Mets for five years producing/editing a show for SNY, made video content for Lacoste in the 2017 Presidents Cup, created video content for the City of New York while working with elementary and middle school kids, and worked with several startups to produce impactful content that makes a difference. He graduated from California State University, Long Beach, in 2009 and started his career in the one thing he’s most passionate about: film.

    In Kyle’s free time, he is the New York chapter Co-Director of the House of Genius where he curates NY’s finest thinkers that have a unique culture, different perspective and ideas to shape this world.