St. Patrick’s Day! A day in celebration of Irish folklore, music, poetry, and symbols of that nation. Even if we are not Irish, as little children we still got to partake in the celebration. Wearing the color green. listening to the stories of leprechauns, and finding treasure at the end of the rainbow. Venting outside and locating clover patches, by our school yard; hoping that we find the magical 3-leaf clover. Those clovers were considered to be rare. So, if you found one, it meant that luck was coming our way. At least, that’s how we took it with my fellow school mates. St. Patrick’s Day was a reminder of the fun and joy, in the color. . .green. There was just something about the color, which lifts the Spirits of not only children, but elders and adults. Something about its nature, which contains a clue or riddle. Challenging the human mind to go into the world of imagination. Finding the clues and solving the mystery. This is what St. Patrick’s Day does for the color. . . green!

There is a great fascination when it comes to the green coloring because it is also connected to the richness and abudance of, land. The Earth. Her abundance and nourishment. Green is also a color of fruition. Other nations that wear her in their flags and symbols, understand this. St. Patrick’s day has a way of intertwining the richness of land, with its mystery. The riddles of the Earth and the clues that she leaves us, for adventurers, in search of their pot of gold. Well, the search begins, and the riddles continue to pile up.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Being home for St. Patrick’s Day , and in the midst of this latest health issue, currently happening, is a reminder of the abundance which surrounds us. St. Patrick’s Day plays a special role. One of it being that it forces us “grown adults,” to get back into our childlike nature. Our childhood memories and fantasies. Those years when dreams were natural. Pretend and make-believe were natural. Being a kid, all over again. Knowing that the little child inside all of us, never really left.

These current times has so many people in anxiety mode. Everyone is anxious. So, in the latter day, of St. Patrick’s Day, I decided to. . .play. Why not decorate myself in green? Having some way to show that I got to have a little fun, on St. Patrick’s Day. There were a number of green things that I could use. For one, was the lime green, self-made headband, that I gotten in Cairo, Egypt. The emerald green shawl and green eye liner is a courteousy of Egypt’s merchandise, as well. The final touch? Dark, green earrings, that I had purchased at the Instanbul Airport, during my return flight to the States. These items were not from Ireland. Nevertheless, they would be celebrating. . .Ireland, for today.

Ornamented in green, I felt beauty surround herself, in my midst. Beauty in a natural way. A nutritious way. Everything was balanced, and in order, in how things had come together. Yet, today, green had a personality. She was vivacious! Bubbly. Silly. Willing to explore and simply be, herself. Getting fed up with trying to take the “perfect picture,” and just allowing her existence to showcase herself for what it was, during those particular moments. For my St. Patrick’s Day celebration, green was also comprised of. . .truth! Whatever physical imperfections present, were bare to see. Yet, with the color, green, those too, became beautiful! Because it is so Earthly, green gives us the permission to be ourselves, and to see the natural treasures within us.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)
(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)
(Photograph By Lauren K. Clark)

Taking another trip back down a memory’s way, I recall other moments and immersions with Irish culture and its people. My AP US History teacher, Mr. Jeff Gordon, and his Irish lineage. Pairing up with an American maiden of Irish descent, during the 2017 International Day at the American University In Cairo, as we represented our U.S. of A. My very first time reading the novel Brida, by Paulo Coelho, and my fascination with this Irish maiden, her journey, and desires to know magical mysteries to life. Trying to locate an Irish pub, during one of my trips to Washington D.C., while attending a conference, in undergrad. Really connecting to a colleague/educator, with Irish-descended background. Oh! And, let’s not forget about the bi-racial, Irish singer, Samantha Mumba. I was a fan of her song, “I’m Right Here.” Consistently playing during my latter years of high school. I’m sure there are probably more, which have not crossed my mind, as of now. I guess they will come around a little later.

Today was one of those days, where I could create something. . .anything, to keep my mind fresh and nourished. Protecting my mind and Spirit from a lot of the mental agony, happening, right now. We have to forget about the St. Patrick’s Day parade, this year. However, it doesn’t mean that the celebration would stop. Or that there would be no celebration, at all. It was just one of those moments, where you had to test yourself and see how you could partake in the holiday. Creating your own festivities! I decided to just go for it. The classic, horror film, Leprechaun, starring Warrick Davis, had graced the television screen-not to mention all of the sequels. Further piquing my childhood memories of having been first introduced to it, by my uncles. Which again connects me to Warrick Davis making an appearance in the film, Ray, as an Irish-descended man, who warns Ray of those individuals trying to exploit him. The latter part of this day seemed to be one of the highlights of, the day. It was wellness and fun, conducted inside.

(Photograph and Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

One of the precious things about St. Patrick’s Day 2020, during March 2020, is that it gives our minds a break. A break from all that is happening around us. Letting us have peace. While many of us are breaking away from the office, or our respective work spaces, we get a chance to reflect on this day, and imagine ourselves as part of the Irish folk tales. Observing our personal rainbows. The magical rainbows, that will come to light, after this current storm is over. Leaving many pots of gold, awaiting our collection. Its a reminder that difficult times do not always last. And, even during the harsh times, there is always something positive, which is going on.

Getting away from the television set, the news stations, in preparation of my St. Patrick’s 2020 showcase presentation was a soul searching experience. For it reminded me of my own, inner green. My inner natural. How pleasant it was to simply. . .be. Being natural, and connected to nature, even if her presence is reacting negatively to humanity’s presence. Clearly, she isn’t entirely angry, or else, we wouldn’t still be here.

Wrapping myself in green, was also a wrapping and nutrition of my very Spirit. Ireland, is a nation of greenery. Her beauty and performance of green is a reminder to humanity, that we are still connected to the Earth. That, during these difficult times, the natural, the Earth, will take care of us. So continue to celebrate that essence of green. It is vibrant and illuminates our Spirits. Soothing our hearts and minds, in the energy of the shamrock. Allowing the vibrance of greenery to connect us to the roots of life, and reminder of life’s triumphant and victorious. . .green!