When I was in a burnout situation some years ago, I felt being in the dark, living in an empty flat, with no electricity, no light, no gas and on a daily basis, I was acting like a robot: no life force, no feeling, no emotion, no love. I wanted one thing: go to bed to escape from the daily life.

I felt stuck in a labyrinth: I didn’t know where to go, which direction to take, couldn’t find the exit door. I felt completely lost, empty, with a loss of authentic happiness. It was more for me, a burn inside that destroys everything outside and I needed a red thread to find the exit door and leave the labyrinth.

I felt I needed a change in my life: I could not continue this destructive life style, I wanted to live not to die, recover as soon as possible, transform the negative into positive and rebuild myself from inside versus outside. I had to make big life decisions (family change, part-time job, move, change people around me) to allow me, rather than being drowned, to come back on the surface of the sea to surf.

I had a clear vision in my mind: restore a healthy body, no medication to be back to a happy state and I used a picture of me on my water-ski board, where when I was 25 years old, it was the best place to be! I felt invincible! I visualized this picture every day to be able to go back to a healthy state. I needed to destroy the old, what was not needed anymore and restart from scratch. My intuition told me to go back to intense sport, to be anchored in my body and reach a wellbeing physical state. I was convinced Health is Wealth and wanted to reach a healthy mind in a healthy body!

Quest for happiness: How did I change my life? I embarked on a journey to rebuild myself with healthy life-changing tools, on a journey of self-discovery, step by step, one foot at a time, starting to take baby-step decisions in all areas. I went on a quest for happiness or more on a treasure hunt. I learned to attune myself to my inner compass and follow my own treasure map. I had to change my sleeping hours, my food, the way I was thinking, my behavior, I got rid of stress, from the past, toxic people around. I learned to reconnect to this inner compass, my core values or what I call my inner sun path. I attracted new events, different experiences, met different people who crossed my path for a reason, I tried various wellbeing techniques, my energy changed, I learned how to grow and improve.

More importantly, I learned to follow the rainbow path, examining and appreciating the colors of life. It was a rebirth, like the Phoenix reborn from ashes. I found inner peace and balance, true and real happiness, harmony within.

I thus, reached a new Treasure Island and new state of mind. I arrived at a destination called true happiness and became a self-aware person. Thanks to this awareness, my intuitions multiplied, which allowed me to naturally set healthy boundaries in all areas of my life. As Happiness is an inside job, only I can make me happy, so I dug more and more, deeper, and discovered more healthy tools: I gathered treasures as I moved along the rainbow path and reached a state of radiant passion I was looking for, for years.

It led me on a new discovery path along the journey, new tools transformed my life: breathing, cleansing, relaxing, healing, meditation. The path turned out to be easier, the more I was aligning myself in all areas of my life. I was not fighting anymore to reach my goals, it all became obvious, easier, doors were opening automatically and I found a treasure chest.

Self-Transcendence: it consequently, led me to a spiritual awakening and my own realization, I found an alignment with my inner core values: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I only followed my deep intuitions, as I felt being supported, connected with the Universe. Synchronicities occurred more often, showing me the way, I was in the being versus in the showing, I was shining so others could do the same. I gave more sense to my life, I embarked on a service mission as I wanted to support improving and changing the world, for more peace, harmony, happiness all over the world!

It led me to think about a new life style and be of service to a community: I became a REIKI practitioner for my benefit & others, a THETAHEALING practitioner, I supported people to be back on track using my own experience and giving advices on a healthy life style, I became a supporter for Autism/Asperger awareness and QTRobot (LuxAI), I started giving testimonies as a mother and supporting parents facing autism, I started intuitive paintings for adults/children. I simply let my true self emerge and shine, I was more confident with who I was becoming and put healthy boundaries to people and situations.
I wanted less to be right in a discussion, I was convinced that everything was fine no matter what, I attracted more shining and spiritual people, I felt full of love, joy, empathy, compassion, and I did everything differently under another perspective.

The more I was doing this, the happier I was and the more I was in a state of Wellbeing, which led me to overcome my limits again reaching more Self-Transcendence, it was like an upward spiral of energy. I had no time for arguments nor waste of energy, I reconnected to my soul and became a different and better version of me, I simply found myself! When you are so completely yourself, everyone else feels safe to be themselves too! Self-forgiveness, self-esteem, self-loving care, self-healing, self-love were my guiding marks, I had to surrender to love and became a giver versus a taker, and did not expect anything in return.

Key lessons learned:

  • Everything happens for a reason, learn the lesson, otherwise, the same kind of event comes back in your life, with different characters, situations
  • It’s never too late to change, life gives us always a second chance: there is always a divine timing to make things happen
  • Always transform the negative into positive, like an alchemist
  • Wellbeing is the reward for daily behavior: Health is Wealth with hard work
  • Happiness is an inside job, we are the CEO of our own life
  • Self-Transcendence led me to an alignment of who I truly am & speaking my truth: authenticity, integrity, full transparency
  • AAA: Aspire, Act, Achieve
  • My personal journey was: discover, explore, share, create & inspire
  • Enjoy the journey rather than the destination, be proud of what we accomplish
  • Before complaining about our life, let’s do a move to change it
  • We are what we eat and become what we think!
  • We attract what we seed & harvest what has been planted
  • Listen to your body carefully, it’s the only house you will live in your whole life
  • The power of self-love is amazing, love is incredible, it makes you move mountains
  • The burnout was a blessing, to let the gold emerge, like the lava emerges from the volcano to keep it quiet and calm for years
  • I found a red thread of my whole journey, to restore wellbeing, towards happiness and self-transcendence
  • The red thread was love: giving love back to myself, love for others, love for the world, love of life!
  • My treasure hunt was finding ME!

Creation of my business:

  • SMILE: Simply Make It, Live & Enjoy
  • SMILE: I show you rainbow where you see clouds, to put back a smile on your face, by reconnecting you to your inner sun path, for more & true happiness
  • SMILE: Give your smile to the world, be the sunshine in someone else’s cloudy sky

Launching of my book:

  • It’s to share some recipes for personal development
  • It’s to show my son the example: no matter what, you can always leave the labyrinth!
  • It’s a toolkit with 365 tips & hints, in 7 colorful chapters according to the chakras or rainbow colors, 7 different life areas
  • To transform the negative into positive
  • To transform the impossible into possible
  • To see rainbows where there are clouds, and follow the rainbow path
  • To see the gold where there is mud
  • To reconnect you to your inner core values and put you back on your « inner sun path to happiness »
  • It’s a reward of hard work: I made it come true!
  • It’s to walk the talk, show the positive example, inspire more people for a better world

Your life becomes a masterpiece when you learn to master the peace, and this peace starts within.

(Speaking opportunity at Positive Psychology, Happiness, Mindfulness & Wellness Summit – DUBAI, 13-14 November 2019).