Every uncertainty in and around our world unsettles us by ruining the balance. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that and more. No one had any idea that virus infection can cause so much death and destruction, even transcend human health, and adversely affect the economy. The health and financial anxiety resulted in widespread panic and mental health damage.

According to Brian C Jensen, people are still afraid to go out and hang out in public. It is vital to remember that the more we hold on to the anxiety, the harder it will achieve the ultimate healthy state. An anxious mind causes several physical symptoms and distress that adversely affects functional efficiency.

Here are the top three activities that will keep you engaged and take care of your mental wellness through these troubling times.

Maintain a journal – Brian C Jensen

It is understandable to have COVID-19 deaths and job losses in your thoughts all through the day. You might even start wondering about the vaccine’s efficiency and how soon you can get your family under medical protection. In case you feel you are bursting at the seams and need to discuss it; we have a better option. Write a journal regularly and commit all your thoughts and fears into words. Writing is therapeutic, and there is always a bit of free time after dinner or daily chores.

Meditation brings peace

COVID-19 can make you feel unsettled most of the time. But there is a remedy to take care of those feelings. This is the right time to try out meditation. Keep in mind you do not need to follow any rigid rules for meditation. All you have to do is sit quietly in your corner for a few minutes, collect your thoughts and calm your mind free from any distraction. Switch off your laptop, phones and unplug yourself from the material world for a few minutes every day. With practice, you can surely find calm and peace within yourself. Meditation is all about curbing down the stress and relaxing the mind, so get started today.

Online classes

Lastly, you can look towards the internet to provide you with some much-needed relief through activity. No, we aren’t talking about subscription services for movies, instead, use your money better and join an online yoga or dance class. These activities are great for both mental and physical fitness. Enable your body to get rid of the toxins and negative feelings while making new friends through engaging in physical activities.

Wrapping up

It is vital to understand and acknowledge that stressful feelings and anxiety pangs are absolutely normal. It is all due to the times we live in. However, you need to bring harmony and peace back into your life. It would be best if you balanced the negative thoughts with a positive attitude. The wellness activities mentioned above will allow you to take care of your mind and body despite the pandemic.