As the world struggles to absorb the massive burden brought upon it by the Covid-19 pandemic, we mustn’t fail to take cognisance of the catastrophic effects this may have on the mental and overall wellbeing of the people. This is because many more people than ever before are now exposed to potentially detrimental situations that are capable of subverting their wellbeing.

Personally, I have come to understand how embarrassingly susceptible man can be. But not many seem conscious of this. The majority still deny the susceptibility due to self-ego, which invariably makes them even more vulnerable. This self-destructive poise is by far more damaging than the society acknowledges.

We can safely call it stoicism.


Many cultures across the globe tacitly promote stoicism as desirable, to say the least; most especially for men. They make it appear like crying is ‘unmanly’ or asking for help makes you less of a man. Apart from being discriminatory, this stance is harmful. In fact, it has driven many to their grave. All because they didn’t want to be label ‘coward’ or couldn’t face the world any more.

Sadly, many people still resort to stoicism at a time like this, believing that it is a potent tool that can help them pull through difficult times. However, the truth is stoicism is a mere camouflage, a smokescreen, that does nothing to stop the continuous degradation of the individual’s mental stability from within.

It is bottling up your emotions so that on the surface you appear cool and in control, but within, you are burning in a great inferno. A major danger is that stoic people may not get the help they direly need while going through tough times and may be suicidal.

Definitely, you don’t want to go the way of stoicism.

So, when caught in the web of challenges, what should you do instead?


Frankly, the first thing is to be open with yourself and to the people around you. You should be open about your problems and challenges, and ready to discuss them with your loved ones or a professional. You need to keep your thoughts together, remain calm, be optimistic and never be afraid of being vulnerable; if that’s what seeking help means to you.

Please avail yourself of all the support you can enjoy from others. You deserve it.

Love and Empathy

Just as you can be at the receiving end, you can as well be the giver. Why not reach out to those around you, spread love, and show them that you care? If we are not careful, loneliness, with the lockdown and quarantine here and there all over the world, may claim far more casualties than the virus we so much dread – God forbid.

So depending on proximity, you may choose to visit and spend time with these people or just send them love quotes on a regular basis. Remember, soothing words are capable of melting the heart. And a melted heart never harbours suicidal thoughts or gets wrecked by negativity.

You can also offer financial assistance if you have the means.

And never assume that anybody is off suicidal chart. Events in the past have proved that people you least expect may actually be suicidal. Don’t forget that the routes to traumatic experiences are innumerable now: from being under the stress of caring for a sick loved one, to losing a loved one, or losing means of economic sustenance, they are many.

Try your best as your little efforts can help save lives.