As humans we are constantly going and moving through this thing called life. As technology use increases, so does our need as people to move quicker, think quicker, act quicker and get results quicker. Our bodies, minds and spirits are moving at quicker speeds. In this world today, and living the hectic lives we live, with family, work, and all other responsibilities, it’s important to stop for a moment, re-center within yourself and allow your mind, body and spirit to rejuvenate.

Before, I was a leadership professional, I was a wellness professional and prior to that was working on my own wellness. A few years ago, I was working two stressful jobs and going in circles of stress and anxiety. I knew I had to make life changes because the stress was stifling in every aspect and beginning to cause health issues. At this point I was astonished that a job and other life factors could have this effect on me. Me? The one who could handle everything? The one on top of her game? I realized I was internalizing all of my stress which externally appeared as panic attacks. I knew I needed to take action. I no longer worked in those jobs, removed all toxic things out of my life and found a practice called Reiki. I first began receiving sessions, then became a practitioner. Reiki, a Japanese healing art which reduces stress and anxiety and has a multitude of benefits, helped me in my life, jobs and overall wellness; mind, body and spirit.

Reiki didn’t only help me in my personal life but overflowed into my professional life.  I realized that I needed to feel content in all aspects of my life and in my work life, so I strove to find a position that was aligned with my wellness. In addition to following my passions with my own business, I found an amazing position where I had the opportunity to express my creativity, and was everything I desired. In this, I felt passion for the job, contentment and this motivated my productivity.

The internal feeling, I experienced was different than all of the other positions. That feeling made me want to be there and be mindfully present. I believe I went through my own stressful time to be where I am right now in advising you and being a stress spokesperson. I refer to myself as, “obstressed,” as I have an “obsession,” with how to help people reduce stress in their lives and work. We hear about stress at work and home and it’s there and how to deal with it, but how about nixing it, preventing it and avoiding it all together, to the best of our ability.

Life Stress

We are all dealing with this little thing called “life.” Emotions, experiences, ups, downs and all in between are what makes life what it is. I know that sometimes things are out of our control. There are times in life where we are single handedly lost, sad, heartbroken depressed and stressed. There are times when we are in complete bliss, joyful, happy, in sync and everything is aligned. There is only so much we can control, and sometimes it takes super strength to rationalize all that is happening to us and around us.

Physical and Emotional Effects of Stress

As someone who knows first-hand, how stress can grasp the reins right out of our hands, it’s important to me to share my story as millions of people deal with this daily. If you are experiencing a hardship in life, learn the lesson and pass it on to others. My internalization of my stress caused major anxiety and panic attacks and stress takes a toll on people in different ways.

Ways to Be Well

Follow your passions and be self-focused

When you are naturally taking the course of life that your heart desires, there is a certain peace in that. Even if you are working full-time and/or have a business and children, find time for something you love and are passionate about and MAKE time for it with zero excuses.

Identify things that can contribute to your stress

There are many factors of what contributes to our stress levels. Some outside factors could be the environment that we are in at work and in our lives. What can you do to create a more positive environment?

Reduce the amount of negative news that you read and watch

We live in a media world and while it’s out there at our fingertips, so be selective in what you view or read. We subconsciously take in the negativity of the world and that can have an impact on our internal being.

Reduce anxiety triggers

Lessen things such as caffeine, alcohol, and unhealthy foods. While I think moderation is OK for some things, some of these things can increase anxiety levels. Reduce negative relationships and focus on having a great relationship with yourself.

Anxiety focuses on the future worries and depression focuses on the past. Try to live in the moment and be grateful. One way to do this is to incorporate meditation into your life. Take time and be still, clear your thoughts and focus on the moment and being mindful in the moment. There are many classes and online mediation options to explore. Reiki and Yoga are other great options for becoming centered and creating a mindful thought process. Lead in your life and turn your focus inward first, to balance yourself as a whole, so you can lead and live abundantly in all aspects of your life.