Brian C Jensen

The pandemic outbreak has made people tensed and anxious! Men across the globe are experiencing more stress than ever. The global economy is still recovering, and many men are on the verge of losing their job. Additionally, men across various professional spheres have experienced pay cuts and are witnessing ongoing job instabilities. Men need to manage their stress by following the best wellness guidelines.

Wellness guidelines for men by Brian C Jensen

Excess stress and anxiety can never make anyone walk towards a solution. Men need to follow some of the best wellness guidelines by Brian C Jensen.

  1. Opt-in for a yoga class

Today, yoga is a popular way to reduce stress for men across all age groups. Even though the forms of yoga might differ, but its objective is common. It is to join the mind and body. Yoga initially does this by maximizing the breath and body awareness. Various studies over the years have assessed the impact of yoga on men’s mental health. According to research, it helps to enhance the mood and reduces anxiety and depression. Hence, men can practice yoga to manage their stress symptoms and develop a better stress response.

  • Let go of procrastination

Most men get caught up in an endless cycle of thoughts and feelings! It is necessary to prioritize the essential aspects of life and stop procrastination of all kinds. Excess procrastination can make men reactive aggressively and make them feel restless for hours. It can lead to stress and also affects sleep quality. It is a good habit to create a to-do list that will help you set your tasks based on relevance. It would be best if you also gave yourself realistic deadlines to have leisure time.

  • Laughter is the cure

No one can feel stressed and laugh at the same time. Laughter is good for health, and it helps to release stress. Laughter enables you to release tension by relaxing the muscles. And in the long-run, laughter also helps to enhance the mood and immune system. One of the best ways to welcome laughter in your life is by watching comedy shows and movies. You can also talk to your friends and loved ones who make you laugh.

  • Spend quality time with family and friends

When men get the necessary social support from family and friends, they can manage their stress better. Men who are part of a friend network feel a sense of self-worth and belonging that can give hope and courage during challenging times. Are your friends located far? If yes, you can arrange for video calls and connect with them. It will help you to release oxytocin and elevate your mood. Men must count on their friends and family members during challenging times.

Men find it complicated to express their feelings. However, the tactics mentioned above will help manage their personal and professional better during the pandemic phase.