Brian C Jensen

Everyone has a simple goal in life – healthy living. However, ailments, diseases, and disorders are all part and parcel of life. Diseases are usually a result of age, sometimes stress, or infections. Our present condition indicates that at least two of the previously mentioned factors are active right now, and it is all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has resulted in a massive loss of life and jobs. Many have lost their near and dear ones while scores have lost their employment and sustenance. We have all read and heard heart-breaking stories from across the globe. All of this accumulated stress has given rise to a lot of minor health issues and niggles.

According to Brian C Jensen, following a strict wellness guideline works well to negate minor health issues. In the following section, we have gone over a few common minor health issues and the home-remedies to alleviate the condition.

Headaches and muscle pains

Cluster headaches are a common occurrence and can happen to anyone at any time. The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to cases of cluster headaches globally, along with muscle pains. This is all due to the work-from-home schedule and the sedentary lifestyle. We understand that not everyone is comfortable working from home. If you are suffering from such afflictions daily, keep in mind getting yourself physically active can help you with the symptoms. Get yourself physically engaged in regular exercise to get the best results.

Panic attacks are a problem, according to Brian C Jensen

Do you often think about the end-of-the-world scenarios? Maybe you are worried that there is nowhere to go from here, leading to panic attacks. Keep in mind panic attacks can be mild to acute and always a result of limiting and fearful thoughts. Recurring panic attacks can wreak havoc with the mind and the body. This is why you need to make sure you are following our wellness guide.

If stress is causing you panic attacks, you need to get involved in meditation and deep breathing. Stress affects our breathing patterns, making them rapid and small. Deep breathing allows you to relax your mind and body. Meditation is the best way to ensure your mind and body return to a balanced state. Practice meditation twice – early morning and evening for the best results.


Remember, the human body is designed to stay active and on the move at all times. Movement allows the better digestion of food and assimilation to yield energy. If you are experiencing indigestion due to recent times, you need to understand it is due to inactivity. If you want to remedy indigestion, then you need to consume a healthy balanced diet precisely at the same time every day. You will also need to stay physically active to aid the natural processes done by the stomach acids.

If the pandemic has resulted in physical discomforts and any of the above ailments, then our wellness guideline will allow you to take care of your mind and body.