Summertime is associated with nice weather, leisurely living, and adventures we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. Far too often, however, summer proves to be an exhausting stretch of heat waves and high humidity; an environment conducive to nefarious activity and rambunctious behavior – a timespan scattered with stressful memories we’d rather forget.

The ideal summer we yearn for and struggle to experience is not a fool’s errand. It just takes a little bit of forethought and preparation. Nothing a human like yourself can’t handle.

Here are the focus points which, if accounted for, will help to ensure our summertime wellbeing as well as the creation of memories we’ll look back on fondly:

For Your Four-Legged Friends

Family pets are one of the most vulnerable members of the household during the summer months. Assuming an injury or loss of a beloved pet would ruin the hope of a happy and fulfilling summer, it’s a good idea for those with a dog or cat to be concerned with their health and safety as the weather warms up.

First on the agenda are fireworks, particularly what fireworks do to scare and possibly seriously injure a dog. If you live in a neighborhood where the sounds of bottle rockets and M-80s are unavoidable, consider ways to address pet anxiety head-on. One option is with a hemp pet supplement like Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules. Consuming the capsules and treats made by Canna-Pet helps with anxiety in dogs and cats. Furthermore, it’s best to keep your pets indoors when the fireworks season is at its peak, to not only help reduce their anxiety but also prevent a runaway explosive from seriously injuring them.

Another concern is proper hydration. You know when you’re thirsty, so staying hydrated as a human is no problem, but it’s vital to look for the signs of dehydration in dogs. Always make sure your pet has access to fresh clean water, especially if they are outdoors in temperatures in excess of 80 degrees Fahrenheit

It’s also important for pet owners to be extra careful regarding predators and poisonous plants, as both are going to be in greater numbers during the summer. Smaller dogs make for ideal dinners to birds of prey as well as coyotes, and the same can be said of cats. Dogs and cats of all kinds are prone to taste and chew on strange matter, so make sure your backyard is free of poisonous or otherwise harmful plants.

Temper and Temperature

The thing everyone needs to realize about summer is that higher temperatures lead to short tempers. While not exactly a scientifically vetted bellwether for determining the country’s median mood at any given time, it’s worth noting aggravated assault increases like clockwork when the weather gets warmer.

With this in mind, go forth this summer with added mental fortitude. Be aware of the link between the heat and increased chance for becoming easily angry and upset. While it’s not a failsafe, understanding how temperature can affect mood will put that dawdling customer in line in front of you in perspective. This, in turn, makes life a little less annoying on a day to day basis.

Safety Concerns

When the weather gets warmer, we spend more time outdoors and with one another at parties, barbecues, and so forth. It’s imperative to be extra careful about personal safety during the summer, as the chances of an injury or death by misadventure occurring are greater when we’re out and about.

The other risk to our wellbeing which increases in summer is the dangers associated with drugs and alcohol. The aforementioned parties and social settings which happen more often in the warmer months are likely to have drinking and recreational drug use happening. Do not let your guard down, especially if driving. The consequences can be disastrous.

Hit Your Stride

Other than those first few weeks of January, summer is the part of the year when we all decide we’re going to get out there and exercise. While high heat and humidity call for staying properly hydrated and indoors when necessary, the warmer weather gives us the opportunity to improve our health with routine diet and exercise outdoors.

Lastly, summer means fruits are in season, vegetables are garden-fresh, and grilling is on the table. Take advantage of these to make positive changes to your diet, and improve your wellbeing as a result.

Summer is here. We can either sit around and be miserable in the heat or take the opportunity to achieve a happier and more fulfilling life for ourselves and those we love.