Brian C Jensen

Right from the start of 2021, wellness has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With the pandemic still eating away at vacation time, plans, and even work, wellness programs have become extremely popular. Even the laziest among us are actively seeking avenues to get fitter and healthier. According to Brian C Jensen, the new normal is all about self-isolation, work from home, and the mask culture, which means all these changes have come as a culture shock to several age groups.

It is the main reason why mental wellbeing has gained significant traction and generated interest alongside physical wellbeing. With the alarming number of COVID cases reported globally only a few months back, it is easy to understand the mental anxiety and the pressure of certain sections of the society; the affected and the ones at the frontline. However, with spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing, we can and will overcome these challenges.

Brian C Jensen on mental wellness

The truth is that the work environment, education programs, and even personal life have changed in the past year. It is, therefore, all the more vital to develop a positive approach to life. If you think about it carefully, the proposition isn’t absurd at all. You will feel positive when you think positively. That is where the following section comes into play. Read on to know more about the wellness trends in everyone’s mind in 2021.

Self-care is vital

Self-care has moved beyond just personal care and has become a community-wide matter in 2021. There was a requirement for a transition from personal care to community-based self-care, and the COVID-19 spread has rightly shown what was lacking within the health system network. It is time to be responsible and does every bit possible for the community.

Wellness might get reframed depending on the demand on the society at that moment. However, it is still vital to extend all the support possible to the less fortunate sections of society. It is crucial to remember that to stop a community widespread, there must be a protocol for community-wide care.

Mindful eating

Mindful and intuitive eating is becoming significant in the year 2021. More and more individuals are turning away from restrictive diets, cutting down sugars, and consuming more whole grains and protein diets within measure. Junk foods and fast-food joints are slowly losing significance, and it’s not just the COVID factor. People are becoming aware of sustainable and healthier food options for a better future.

A digital detoxification

We have all heard of physical detoxification, which removes all harmful chemicals from the body. Still, it is equally vital to go for digital detoxification with the modern digital age as well. The need of the hour is to be responsible and consume digital information within a specific boundary. Remember that digital detox is not a single-day thing, as you need to keep at it every day due to the endless stream of digital media directly getting delivered to your devices.

Keep in mind these wellness trends to get involved within 2021.