Talk about New Year resolutions and weight loss is sure to be on the top list. However, with the Holiday season preceding the New Year’s eve, it seems almost impossible to stick to fat loss goals, until now. Virginia-based innovative wellness coaching center, Wellness Warriors, has assured to help people get through the holidays healthy while staying true to their  New Year resolution.

Wellness Warriors is an endeavor by  wellness coach husband-wife duo Rebecca and Logan. While Rebecca is a Master Trainer, Nutritionist, and Transformation Coach, Logan is an Elite Trainer, Nutritionist, and Health Coach. Together they have developed a unique approach to wellness, Rise Up Fitness, that not only targets fat loss but also overall physical and mental well-being.

In an exclusive interview, Rebecca shared that, unlike regular fat loss methods that seldom go beyond temporary weight loss, their unique Rise Up Fitness is strategically designed to not only lose weight but also to retain the reduced weight.

“Over 80 percent of people who diet or lose weight gain it back within a year. But, our Rise Up Fitness approach is innovatively designed to help people keep the weight off even after the completion of our programs. It’s because we teach people to ‘transform’ their lifestyle that will bring not a temporary fix but rather a sustainable change. Such a unique approach will enable you to enjoy food and party hard all through the Holiday season (and beyond) and still live healthy and keep the weight off as you welcome the New Year”, stated Rebecca.

Interestingly, the Rise Up fitness approach relieves people of the usual hardcore restrictions that people are forced to follow in the traditional weight loss programs. The Rise Up Fitness approach will enable people to-

  • Eatbetter, without dieting and depriving oneself
  • Get into regular exercise or movement, no matter what shape the person is in now.
  • Get rid of fad diets and conflicting advice.
  • Make fitness a natural part of life
  • Achieve, and maintain, your goals, despite packed schedule

Rebecca and Logan’s unique transformational approach has helped a lot of people to reach their weight loss goals as well as maintain the reduced weight for over a year. Per the statements of the Transformational Trainer, 90 percent of their wellness warriors (read clients) have continued to maintain or lose more weight. 

Speaking on, Rebecca stressed that they follow an innovative 6-step Mindset coaching to guide the clients in developing the “Warrior Mindset” – a highly inspired mindset that motivates people to stick to their goals and complete them to enhance their overall well-being.

There are two major program packages to choose from- Weight Loss Package and Muscle Building Package. Both the programs will be conducted online through a 1-on-1 coaching sessions and an online class.

Top features of Wellness Warriors coaching programs:

  • Customized coaching tailored as per client’s specific fitness/weight loss goals and needs
  • Expert guidance on “smart eating”
  • Focused training and nutrition tracking
  • Weekly check-ins to keep tab on training and nutrition accountability
  • Reassessment of progress
  • Constant support
  • Backed by a bustling and friendly community

“We teach people how to be resilient with the weight loss ups and downs, how to manage social situations while living our lifestyle, and how to love oneself while doing this. We know how to incorporate the needs of the whole family while moving through our program so that you have the proper support system and the family can live the wellness warriors life .”

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