The society we live in today has begun to discuss mental health more frequently than generations of the past. To date, the stigma towards those who struggle with true mental illness or emotional health issues is still a severe social problem, and many people who suffer from common mental disorders do not receive the appropriate social support that they need as a consequence of common ignorance. 

This stems from the fact that the public accepts knowledge and treatment of physical diseases, but often disregards the same for the mentally ill. However, there are many people who are working to both erase the stigma that plagues mental health discussions, and to create solutions to the problems themselves. As our society becomes more accepting of the intricacies and complications of the cognitive side of health, people around the globe have capitalized on the opportunity to share their knowledge in this new, socially-forward space. 

One of the most prominent figures in this new age is Wendell Miracle Pialet, a social media influencer with a professional and experiential background in mental health. The CEO and founder of Hope Nuggets, a company that’s transformed the lives of numerous individuals.

Take Control of Your Own Narrative

Having struggled with mental illness himself, Wendell knows what it’s like to feel out of control and hopeless. Because of a family tragedy almost ten years ago, he fell victim to the grips of debt and solitude and spiraled into hopeless depression. But through his fortitude and perseverance, Wendell was able to pick himself up, find inspiration from God, and turn the pain into his life into lessons for others. 

Use Social Media to Do Good

Social media is one of the biggest ins to reaching thousands of people around the globe now. Wendell fathers social media pages that cater content to over two hundred thousand followers daily, and posts videos and quotes with his own anecdotes – encouraging positive attitudes, gratitude, and hope for his fans and clients. He posts almost daily, and never fails to provide inspiring content to all of his patient followers. 

Study and Get to Work!

Wendall is an incredible and authentic mentor and source of emotional support because when he was struggling himself, he used his newfound drive to live to study the psychology behind well-being, mental health, and the laws of attractions. Through his personal education, the development of Hope Nuggets, and his own personal network, Wendell has been able to turn the tables on his own life, and enter into a space where he has built a powerful global network of positive energy and a supportive community for himself and his followers to heal. 

As the barriers surrounding mental health discussions continue to be broken down, influencers and speakers like Wendell Miracle Pialet will keep funneling their shining passion for life into society. With his own original enthusiasm, the strength he has garnered from his life experiences and the knowledge that he continues to share with the world, Wendell is making it big, and helping others turn the tables on their lives. 

He shared on his page: “One day you’ll be staring at the blessings you always prayed for.” And he is helping himself and others do just that.