I was playing tennis when it happened.  Of course, I didn’t know it happened until much later in the day when I was off the court for some time.  I’m one of those people who forgets to check her voicemail.

My usual Wednesday routine, I was rather gleeful that I had played exceptionally well that day.  And of course, spending time each week with such a lovely group of women always makes me happy.

Jumping into my car at the end of the hour, I sped home and resumed the work I had left behind earlier.  About an hour in, I received a phone call that compelled me to look at my phone and realize that I had a voicemail also waiting for me.  I took the call, then hung up and played that voice message.

Boy, was I shocked to hear Wendy Williams voice on the other end.  It was unmistakable.  A long time favorite of mine whose ‘direct’ nature and Jersey roots always tickled me (the original Jersey girl that I am as well), I had decided to send her a handbag that I had created, knowing that she had faced some rather tough challenges of late.  Frankly, I wanted to bring her a similar smile to the one she brings thousands regularly through her own talents.  We tend to forget that celebrities are people too.  Sometimes they need pick-me-up’s like you and me.  

As my handbags are my art — a form of “free play” for me, not unlike what I wrote about in a post a few weeks ago – making Wendy one was as much a gift to myself as her.  I love creating these handbags because I do so never knowing how any will turn out but always knowing that each handbag will closely reflect the characteristics and preferences (ultimately, my understanding) of the person who will be carrying it.  I get lost in my creative process and am just as surprised upon completion as the person receiving a handbag.  I delighted in making Wendy Williams’ because, knowing a great deal about her, I was able to find the perfect fabric, colors and embellishments that I figured she would love.  Apparently, I was right.

The phone message Wendy left for me told me so in a myriad of different ways, every one of which provoked a broad smile, both inwardly and outwardly.  She sounded excited, kind, delighted, and appreciative.  The fact that she took the time and wanted to leave this message meant a great deal to me and made me an even bigger fan of hers.  Is it any wonder so many have welcomed her into their homes for years?  She’s a “real” person.

I will not share with you here which handbag I made for Wendy Williams as I respect her privacy immensely.  If she wants you to know, she will reveal it.  If you, however, would like to view a few of the handbags that I have created for celebrities, view this link.  You can guess which among them is Wendy Williams’ as well as who I made the other two for.

I count the day I heard from Wendy Williams among the very unexpected and hopeful — a stellar reminder of how “good begets good”.  Something the world would be a much better place for remembering more regularly, in my opinion.  I can only assume that Wendy would agree.  We may just hear about it, if she does; you never know.  She’s surprised me once, already.