“Yes, Dad.  The Obama’s asked me to join them to review their speeches before they gave them at the DNC.”  That was how I answered my father when teasing me about my recent vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.  He puts nothing past me and knows his daughter well, obviously.  

To my chagrin, my stay at The Harborview Hotel did not include dinner with the popular former President or his even more popular wife.  It did however include a bunch of R&R accompanied by lots of mask-wearing.  The entire population of the island was besieged by masks, and it didn’t just stop with breathing folks either.  Look closely at the photo above.

My needed break gave me time to observe mask wearers closely.  I’ve concluded that they fall into five different categories in which I’d like to share:

1.  The Vigilant-Angry Mask Wearer – This person wears his mask all of the time but he is absolutely miserable doing so.  Whether naturally perturbed or manufactured, his misery will become yours given you cross this person’s path.  He is the guy that will wear his mask up to his eyeballs while shaking his head at an unmasked jogger running eight feet from him in the distance;  

2.  The Vigilant-Cool Mask Wearer – This person wears his mask all the time as well but he owns his mask.  He makes it look cool and fun to wear and doesn’t care what anyone else is doing.  He’s got his mask.  He’s rockin’ it and he’s protected.  We love this guy.  Hell, we want to be him;

3.  The Part-time Mask Wearer – This person gauges when he wears his mask based on circumstances.  He doesn’t particularly like wearing his mask but he doesn’t hate it either.  He is doing his part and trying not to ruffle feathers in the process;

4.  The Confused Mask Wearer –  This person doesn’t seem to know how to put his mask on and keep it on properly.  Whether being passive-aggressive or simply overwhelmed by the whole matter, this person continues to locate his mask under his nose, falling off one ear or using it as a beard;

5.  Finally, The Non-Mask Wearer – This person refuses to wear a mask at all cost.  He doesn’t see the reason for it, believes Covid-19 is a hoax, and views every mask-wearing individual as a fool.  He’s the worst nightmare of the Vigilant-Angry Mask Wearer.

Tell me if I am wrong in my observation…if you agree…or even if I made you laugh.  And while you are at it, you might want to take down the first question to the “Be Careful What You Wish For” book contest — “What happened at The Harborview Hotel that Evie and Rick hightail it outta there?” 

If you don’t know about this contest yet or what you could win, see the following link: Be Careful What You Wish For  No, it won’t be an invitation from the Obama’s to join them on the Vineyard either, but you’re guaranteed a good time anyway.