We passed a bit of a milestone the other day here at The Amplify Lab. We published our 100th article. That’s an article every week for over two years. As many of you are new readers we thought we go back into the vault and pull out a couple of our favorites.

I hear almost every week about how success is directly tied to your relationships. Relationships come from connections. We think that the whole process of making a connection could do with a bit of a re-do. Here’s what we had to say.

Oh and we’re never done on connections. How about those connections on LinkedIn? I’d say only 1 in 10 people personalize their introduction. Don’t you want people to personalize messages to you? Here’s what we had to say.

Here’s a sobering truth. You “date” a job. We often talk about the “getting together” phase but we don’t talk about the inevitable breakup. I think we can all remember the “good” breakups and the “bad” breakups. Don’t you think you should have only “good” breakups from work? Yes, we do too.

If you want something you won’t get it unless you ask. I sat next to Madonna’s publicist the other day at a dinner. I asked her if she thought Madonna, yes that Madonna, would be open to being featured as a Ladybadass. Seriously. I didn’t get a straight up “no” so I’m going to keep at it. Who knows? She might say yes one day and wouldn’t that be fabulous. I’m sure you’re thinking “I wouldn’t dare.” Yes, you would, if you’ve practiced asking as much as I have. Maybe you could give it a try.

I’ve been sharing recently about how I think the fictional character of Cinderella is basically my dream employee. Don’t agree? Come to one of my presentations and I guarantee you’ll be thinking the same. As part of the conversation, I bode the title of “Fairy Godmother” on myself. I’m thoroughly enjoying the idea. I’ve started to challenge people to channel their inner fairy godmother too. It’s magical. This idea seeded itself back in late 2017. Curious?

Don’t worry, we have a lot more to say. I’ve got quite a list. I’d love to hear from you. What would you like me to talk about? Any questions? Other ideas on things you’d like to read? Or maybe even hear – yes, I’m a bit of a podcast nut.  

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