How often do we step back and take a look at how a simple action such as making a cold call, can actually draw great insight, understanding and appreciation of ourselves?

Before picking up the phone to make a cold call, you are already confident that you represent an amazing brand. You just know in your gut that it would be the perfect fit for a specific company. You’ve performed extensive research and you know every facet of your target’s business going in. But you find it hard to take that first step. What is stopping you? Not knowing whom you should call? Nerves? Interrupting someone’s busy day? All valid fears to have.

But behind all of those fears stand some stellar qualities about you that are important to appreciate and acknowledge. Doing so even before your cold call will lay a strong foundation of self-appreciation and confidence.  What these 4 simple cold calling tactics can reveal about you:

1. Value Each Other’s Time:

Understand the value of time on both sides. Yes, you are cold-calling someone who probably gets hit 100x per day, however, your time is equally as valuable as the person on the other end of the phone. Approach the call with confidence and an equitable respect of both of your time. Remember, you are both human so try to strike an easygoing rapport from one human being to another. There is nothing worse than reading off a rehearsed pitch to someone. Imagine that you are speaking to someone you are sitting next to at a business luncheon.

What does this say about you? First off, give yourself a pat on the back! You are clearly courageous and take risks, no matter how daunting. You cleared the first hurdle of nerves when you said hello! You also show respect and appreciation for each other’s time, and the understanding you demonstrate make you approachable and affable.

2. Perform Your Due Diligence

Did you do your homework? When cold-calling anyone you should know as much as you can about their company, know their position, their own career history and what their current business focus is – as intimately as possible. Call the CEO first and work your way down from there. If you are successful, you’ll not only get the CEO’s endorsement to his/her own team to continue to another level post-call, you’ll gain their respect.

What does this say about you? Investing your own time into research reflects your courteous, insightful and resourceful nature. Knowing your audience and their needs is critical. Calling a CEO directly shows confidence and determination. The CEO carries the vision and nine out of ten times your bravery will pay off.

3. Establish Differentiation

It is hugely important to differentiate and know your brands perceived value. What sets your brand apart from others? You should know your top six competitors and be able to differentiate as to why your brand is different. How could working together improve their business? Know your brands financial growth and know your targets current growth and be prepared to prove how you could impact their business. Don’t be bashful to share your interest in improving your own businesses growth as well.

What does this say about you? Each and every one of us, like snowflakes, are different. Just like the brand you represent, you know exactly what makes you special as a person. Knowing your personal differentiation shows keen self-awareness. Understanding how someone else will benefit from what makes you so special reflects self-assuredness and sensitivity.

4. Snail Mail is still the Holy Grail

Although it sounds old-school, sending a hand-written follow up note after every single business meeting goes quite a long way. You may even receive an email or even a phone call thanking you for sending one. Everyone emails these days. When was the last time you received a hand-written note in your mailbox? Exactly. Its impacting and sends a clear message of appreciation.

What does this say about you? Taking the time out of your day to brighten another’s shows great thoughtfulness and respect. What may feel as a small effort really does go a long way. By doing so you demonstrate appreciation for that person and the hard work they do as well as a desire to work together with them. You are creating a respectful and considerate foundation for a business relationship that will thrive. Who knows, you may just make a new friend along the way!