What about the fathers?

Good question, what about them?

Yes I advocate for mothers and yes I’m driven by increasing a mothers awareness of their power to create life and to shape it.

Here’s why

We live in a society that unless a mother has done something completely ungodly to her children she has full parental rights and responsibilities over the children.

If the father is not on the birth certificate he has even less rights over the children, fair or not that’s the law we deal with.

Although it takes two to make a baby if the parents are not together, the child is young and for whatever reason their situation takes them to court, you know that the fathers is less likely to be awarded joint custody to children under 5.

Are you still with me?

Here is the important bit.

It is common knowledge that the early years of a child’s life is crucial to its fundamental development which impacts their later life.

So I ask you this question, knowing the information that I have just shared with you. 

Who is the dominant parental figure in a child’s life?

Who do they spend the majority of there time with in that period of their from 0-5yrs?

Another question

What happens to that dominant parental figure who is finding it difficult to cope, or is struggling with their emotions or mental health and what is the impact on the child from that?

Yes it takes two to make a child, but if there is not two available to coincide with each other to lay the foundation in which the child will rise from, then the village must step in.

What about the fathers you say to me?

I don’t make the rules of society I simply aide mothers to be euipped to live by them and thrive.

Yes fathers are important in a child’s life but for whatever reason they cannot be there or not available for their children, we still have to think about the impact of one person taking on all the pressure of raising and nurturing a child, we also need to think of their quality of life.

If this is not important to the growth of society, what is ?

Because not only does it take two to make a child it takes more the one to raise that child.

It is much wiser to make the investment to empower the mother that raises the child than judging her when she is struggling.

So I empower them.


  • Leonie

    Motherhood Journey consultant

    The empowerment of mothers has never been more important than it is now, we are slowly starting to wake up to the fact that mothers are often the dominant parental figure in a child's life, therefore is shaping the future of society with her ability to lead and nurture her children. Giving mothers the right tools to do so has never been more critical to the outlook on how our next generations leaders will look  and  what they will stand for. Thousands of mothers each year struggle with knowing their worth as it's not commonly celebrated the importance of mothers and their motherhood journey. Beyond mothers day mothers are expected to shrink and to fit into this stereotypical perception that the world has on mothers. We only have to look at the struggles mothers have accessing genuine and fulfiling careers or how they are still being shamed into "bouning back" quickly after child birth as if that is the most important aspect of motherhood.