We all know her, agreed with her on some crucial point or had an aha moment from the wisdom being dispelled.

Most stories, in essence, are a life-giving account of someone who was dealt a bad hand, struggled, then almost blindly – believed in better.

We need to hear these stories, they give us a flashlight in what can be a very dark room.

The more we look at it, our struggles seem to be given to us by design.

A tailored struggle just for me. YAY!

Why struggle?

Why indeed.

More understanding. More wisdom. Better choices I guess.

It’s true if you think about it though, the strongest trees with the deepest roots are the ones that struggled with harsh weather conditions – usually on the outside of the forest walls. These were the exact trees chosen to make wagon wheels for the horse and cart throughout the 1800’s.

Our struggles however aren’t easily accepted with gusto in anticipation of a wiser tomorrow.

They’re looked at with trepidation.

And why shouldn’t they be?

They damn hurt.

And because they do, pain and struggle seem to be avoided. I mean who wants to hurt?

Yet we continue to see that for some, hardship and tragedy are defining reasons not to give up on a business, relationship, marriage or any type of mental or physical challenge.

Some even have the ability to seek out the struggle and embrace their pain.

How and why do some of us associate struggle with growth while others use it as a reason to stop trying.

It’s interesting how ‘belief in better’ and the absorbing of perfectly timed wisdom, can play a key role in learning and rising from our pain

But in my opinion, there’s also an interesting side plot taking shape in the shadows we perhaps arent fully aware of or can fully measure.

We tend to almost always experience what we subconsciously believe to be true and possible. Our reality expands indiscriminately from our thoughts…”

Barry Nicolaou

The subconscious mind seems to have a direct link with our personal circumstantial equilibrium.

“Imagine how bad it could’ve been?”.

“Imagine how good it can be?”

We’re imagining. And we’re receiving. 

The way in which my short story appeared in ‘O’ magazine is an example of using this force.

I can honestly say I ‘felt’ the article being published, and I felt very much aligned with Oprah’s ethos of kindness and co-creation. Those two areas combined enabled a physical manifestation to occur.

What I’ve learned also is when you expect and are open to emotional visualization, and not strangle it with doubt Or wanting to know the exact ‘how’, it often shows you the next right move effortlessly.

Life has a million ways to bring us what we want, but for some of us, we’re ONLY ok if it happens the way we think it should happen and no other way.

Therein lies the saboteur.

Belief is a construct of the mind from continuous and repetitious thought. Just feeling the words ‘it’s possible’ opens the mental doors of allowing a solution to enter your life.

This is an amazing scenario to consider because if this is true, we’ve been mishandling the power of belief and the subconscious mind in knowing the next BEST right move.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank the powers that be (above and below) for allowing my true story of acceptance, love, and karmic forces play a role featured in ‘O’ mag DEC 2019 issue. I’m still sitting in awe and bewilderment about how the mechanics of this beautiful Universe of ours brings about what we truly need and desire – in its own timing.

The struggle you’re going through right now combined with your past experience is the EXACT fertilizer that allows your next chapter to blossom.

Barry Nicolaou

Embrace it and be thankful for every part of it.

And don’t get stuck in how you think it should happen.

Just believe it can. And the right people will enter on schedule to show you how to make it happen.