You might start realizing your burnout state and want to take some action about it. And you are not alone. In 2019, either severe or mild stress, burnout touched almost 45% of the millennials (Gallup’s research).

Seeking professional help is important. But often we forget the natural remedies for burnout that are sometimes the simplest, least costly, and most effective among all. Here are the practical things I did personally during my most difficult time. They were vital in my recovery from burnout and tiredness. Even recovered now, I continue to practice, as they do me so good every day. Try them out.

Burnout natural remedy #1 – Spend time in nature

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We never say it enough. Reconnect with nature brings us loving energy and vitality. Even 5 minutes per day, give you the luxury to be out. Immerse yourself with the calmness and freshness of this beautiful planet. When I walk down from a building to another at my work, I never miss it to observe attentively the grass or the trees I pass by. Feel the fresh air, breathe in full lungs and observe water drops on tree leaves. A nature habit brings calm and reduce stress in our burnout situation.

Burnout natural remedy #2 – Meditation

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Meditation is a remedy for burnout by excellence. When you are burned out, you are tired physically. But mentally, you are also full of pain, anxiety, sometimes anger. Our negative feelings eat out our energy. Take some time today, sit quietly in a calm place. Wear comfortable clothes. Close your eyes. And start to pay attention to your breath. Take time to be with yourself, listen to your feeling and feel your body. It’s an intimacy with yourself that you might not feel in your daily activities. “When we give ourselves the chance to let go of all our tension, the body’s natural capacity to heal itself can begin to work“ (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Burnout natural remedy #3 – Noble Silence

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Take a break from the information cycle. A Sweden research showed that emotional exhaustion, including burnout, could lead to hypersensitivity to noise. Return to appreciate the silence helps us recover from the sufferings. Our stress, our agitations, our burnout in this ever-running and busy world seem to be reduced. Thich Nhat Hanh, a Vietnamese zen master, made born the concept of “Noble Silence” – the silence that heals. We live today in a noisy world. Can we live without TV and radio? Yes, I believe we can. Take a break from the information cycle and noisy world can enormously help with our burnout state.

Burnout natural remedy #4 – Mindful eating

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Receiving, not eating. That was one thing I learned that changed my life. Mindful eating helps us slow down. It fills us with gratitude to what nature can offer. The food comes from the sun, the rain, the soil, the hard work… Have you ever eaten a sandwich while running to the metro? Or in front of a computer? Wonder why you are in burnout? As simple as it can be, take time to eat mindfully is naturally beneficial to reduce our burnout and stress.

Burnout natural remedy #5 – Lazy day

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If you are struggling with burnout, maybe you are not “lazy” enough! The way our society is organized today does not seem to allow us to be lazy. But how about a “lazy day” per week? “A Lazy Day is a day for us to be truly present with the day without any scheduled activities. We just let the day unfold naturally, timelessly” (Plum Village). Practice one “lazy day” per week can be a good remedy for those who are in burnout. “When we lose ourselves in activities we diminish our quality of being. We do ourselves a disservice. It’s important to preserve ourselves, to maintain our freshness and good humor, our joy, and compassion.” That’s how a lazy day is a good natural remedy for burnout and stress.

In modern society, we often forget the natural remedies for many of our problems. Try out these 5 natural remedies for burnout. Spend time in nature. Take time to meditate. Breakaway from the information cycle. Eat mindfully. And finally, be lazy. For me, they are among the simplest, least costly, and most effective among all.

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