We must learn how to manage negative emotions and feelings to be successful in personal and professional life. This article would uncover some of the tricks and empower you to deal with and control your negative emotions.

First of all, let’s find out what Negative Emotions and Feelings are, How it impacts us and what can we do to overcome negative emotions.

Negative Emotions are strong feelings which cause you to become negative, sad and irritated. It causes great damage to your mind and body. We all encounter them every day in our personal and professional life.

It becomes extremely important that you manage negative emotions and feelings effectively at work and also in personal life to regain balance.

Types of Negative Emotions:

  • Anger (a strong feeling of irritation or hostility towards something or someone)

  • Disappointment ( sadness from a failure to meet desires or hopes)

  • Stress (emotional tension caused by difficult situations)

  • Nervousness (feelings of uneasiness and apprehension)

  • Anxiety (worry about something uncertain)

  • Frustration (irritation caused by not being able to resolve or accomplish something)

So, How do Negative Emotions affect you when left undealt?

  • You lose clarity of thought

  • You lose clarity of speech.

  • It affects your ability to think rationally

  • Problem gets magnified at hand

  • If not managed well, you are in the bad light, always.

  • It can spell disaster for you personally and professionally.

  • You might take decision without assessing the risks

  • You might take a step which is not appropriate

  • It causes immense trouble

Well, You would have seen examples of great personalities turning into a flurry of controversies and a stock of laughter due to their inability to control/manage emotions.

Now that we know the impact of Negative emotions is huge on our daily performance while at work or home. Therefore we must control it.

How to Manage Negative Emotions and Feelings?

  • Prepare yourself beforehand. Preparation helps significantly.

  • Include meditation sessions in your daily schedule. Mindfulness makes you positive and strong.

  • Take mini breaks

  • Take yourself off the situation completely as appropriate when faced with the challenging or confrontational situation. Alternatively, it might be wise to face it head on if you feel the outcome will be positive

  • Take a walk outside and have fresh air whenever possible.

  • Try and find the perspective and view the situation from other person’s lens as well for better clarity of thoughts

  • Learn to modify the situation. You can inject humour into the conversation/speech to change the texture. You might have witnessed smart leaders adopting this measure quite often.

  • Direct your attention away from a negative situation and start refocussing on a more positive one. For example, you might think about a recent success when confronted with failure or if it is an individual, just recall their positive traits.

  • Learn to control your response to a situation/stimuli, particularly when you know your immediate response could escalate an already negative situation. You might want to respond alternatively with a professional “thank you for your feedback” rather than an emotionally triggered response.

  • If nothing works, just practice the pause. it helps! Sometimes silence is more powerful.

  • You may have had tragic experiences in the past and you are not alone, there are many who have tested those troubled times and emerged victorious. Going through difficult times does not mean the future will also mirror it, it certainly changes and changes for good. It is absolute folly to not look at positive things in life. So look around, look at how beautiful life really is it is just that we have to be mindful.

Great leaders know this art very well and hence they are able to maneuver any thought or negative situation with utmost ease and comfort. They are the masters of emotional intelligence.

You also have a lot of talent/skill, just don’t fall prey to your emotions and feelings face it head on and you will test new highs (Greatness).

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”- Socrates

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