Do you know what all the advantages of Private physical therapy are? This technique provides many benefits to the body, especially to those patients who are in the process of recovering from an injury or illness. It is also used for those who need additional assistance with regard to the mobility of affected limbs and even in the event of a disability.

Another of its main benefits is that physiotherapy is capable of improving the development of children, since when they receive some physiotherapy treatment from an early age, it helps to improve muscle tone and correct physical problems that they may present.

The physiotherapist of TORQ Physical Therapy professionally treats pathologies related to the movement of the body, such as sprains, fractures, contractures, osteoarthritis, and arthritis, paralysis of any part of the body, degenerative musculoskeletal diseases, immobilizations, and even degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

The therapist’s roles can go hand in hand with medical specialties, such as trauma, sports medicine, obstetrics, geriatrics, and even general.

This technique is indicated for pediatric care, pregnancy and postpartum, being the pelvic floor exercises the most popular for its simplicity and the improvements it produces.

What are the advantages of physical therapy?

  • With physiotherapy greater flexibility is achieved.
  • Muscle power and mobility are improved.
  • Physical deterioration is prevented and controlled.
  • They improve the basic functions of the organism.
  • Get pain relief.
  • One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is achieved in the treatment of tendinitis, knee or meniscus ligaments, fibrillar tears and ankle sprains.
  • Physiotherapy helps us achieve a greater sense of well-being.
  • It prevents injuries when practicing sports on a regular basis.

The union of the different techniques that we carry out in TORQ, facilitate the improvement of health and pain in a short period of time.

Our clinics seek to become the most innovative centers in the province by applying the highest technology in the hands of the best professionals, for this reason we implement this technique in our facilities to achieve better results in the rehabilitation of our patients.

The areas in which a physiotherapist can work are: orthopedic, neurological, respiratory, bariatric, and ergonomic and sports. And the places can be: hospitals, medical groups where physiotherapy is offered, spas, sports centers, gyms, health centers, teaching and research centers, nursing homes, private companies, football teams, as well as in collaboration with companies that create robotic prostheses of various parts of the human body.

 The objective of physiotherapy is the understanding and study of human body movement, seen as an essential element of the health and well-being of a person. In this way, the objective of the physiotherapist is to provide quality of life and improve people’s health through movement and the correct functioning of the body and its environment.