As a woman, we are known to be good at multi tasking.

Women are the nurturers and are the ones who like to keep their families together and being there for them, solving problems and making sure everyone is happy.

If you are healthy and fit then this is going to help you with the demands being put onto you every day.

I have been unhealthy and I am now healthy and I can safely say I would prefer being a healthy women and its a better place to be. I have lots of energy, I have a clear head and I can handle stress much better.

A healthy women gives off an aura and there is a healthy glow about them.

People will want to be around you more. When a women is happy and healthy, everyone around her will feel that.

You are being pulled in lots of different directions so if you can stay healthy then you can go about your day and do all the jobs you need to do, cook for your family, do a job, keep up with family life etc.

BUT you….

Don’t always take the breaks you need or take the rest that you deserve.

You seem to feel the extra burden of being there for everyone in the family or friends.

You don’t always feel your best every day and therefore, you need to give yourself a break and know that its ok to have a bad day and its ok to just take a break and take some time out for yourself.

Women are very powerful and have a powerful role in life. You owe it to yourself and for other people to be a healthy women. Share what it is that you do to be healthy and spread that word to other women.

As women, we don’t always support each other and we can be on the defensive sometimes and be a bit unkind to other women. We need to step up and support other women more, empower other women and to offer more of a helping hand to other women.

Check yourself before you express some hate or jealousy to other women. We can be sisters with one another and not just women who are completely against other women.

Know that by being a healthy women you are showing love for yourself and it will radiate out into the world for others to see.

Because you are worth it!

Thank you for reading my article.  

Andrea Howard