I’ve been teaching about the benefits of Essential oils for 6 years, traveling and teaching full time, and I have to say this has been the most fulfilling and rewarding career of my life. Serving others, making a positive impact, traveling the globe and making incredible friends everywhere I go is a lifelong dream come true. People always tell me they are inspired by my story. How I got where I am. They feel a resonance with my journey and how I am able to identify peoples’ unique gifts and show them how they can also live their lives authentically by choosing to trust their own special gifts.

I love to travel the world with my family and connect with new people and experience new cultures and ways of living while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What helps me connect with people on a deep level is that I understand what its like to struggle and feel like there is no way out. Having that background and being able to create a new reality finding success in business, family and finding a sense of purpose gives me the ability to teach others the necessary steps necessary to transform dreams into a reality.

Essentially, I look to Mother Nature as the ultimate wisdom keeper and Muse, all of her wisdom is out in the open for those who see and celebrate it, and I believe there is more than enough for all life to be nurtured on this planet. We are here to thrive. 

 Every living creature eats from the earth and has divine instinct when it comes to plant medicine, eating the leaves, stems, roots and bark not in their normal diet to aid in the recovery of illness. 

Mother nature is the world’s largest pharmacy. We’re animals so it only makes sense that we too would utilize the wisdom of the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. Considering that we are made of natural elements. We are the living nature.  Our skin for example, is the largest organ of the body, and everything we apply to it is absorbed into the blood stream. Therefor, I find it so important to be conscious of the products we use, be it once in a while or on a regular basis. We are literally feeding our bodies through our skin. 

Everything we apply on our skin will have an impact on our health, and this is a big reason why I turn to pure essential oils for myself and my family. We love using doTERRA’S skin care products and essential oils. I know I can trust the source and creation of these gifts from the Earth, and I see and feel the difference every day.

My oils are my medicinal allies, travel companions and ultimately my teachers revolutionizing my self-care with toxin-free, pure plant-sources essences. 

Experience the essential oils for yourself and let the plants teach you how to come into harmony with yourself and all of nature. Try adding oils in your water and smoothies, or use a diffuser to purify the air and atmosphere of your home. 

What sets my soul on fire and gives me purpose is to serve others on their journey to achieving their goals whether its to attain a higher level of healthy living, or a lifestyle and career in the health and wellness industry. 

The mentorship & essential oil training I provide is free to people to who join my Health & Wellness Essentials for Living community of Wellness Leaders with doTERRA pure essential oils, who are revolutionizing the way families manage their health.

You can also follow me on Instagram & Facebook and ask me specific questions about wellness and essential oils here: @essentialsfor_living.