As an independent media company Now Entertainment encompasses all aspects of the creation process and provides a range of label services to artists including recording, distribution, video, photography, SMM, web design, and public relations. They are aiming to offer artists a platform without the constraints of a traditional label structure. Tony M Fountain is the founder of Georgia-based Media Company that specializes in releasing music and now also has an app, blog, and magazine arm of the company. Fountain and the company’s co-founder Max Trenton’s initial drawings were created in art class, where they discussed launching an enterprise specializing in movies, music, and video games. Just a few years later, they settled on the name “NOW” – “Never off Work.”

 Tony, who was a single dad of two small children, Ian and Tyonna, recently married his wife, Cathy. Despite the scare and potential danger of the COVID-19 lockdown, they had a healthy new baby girl they named Hadley pictured below.

When it comes to one of the emerging platforms that are helping break indie artists these days, you have to include Now Entertainment Magazine in the conversation. Some of the Georgia based media platform’s essential features take an active part in its promotion and development are as follows;

 Artist Independence and Friendly Outlook

Tony has built up a highly successful platform within years to focus on artist independence by using his graphic design skills. Their passion for autonomy means they are eager to work with artists that share the same independent spirit and showing their worth. The company aims to offer a unique, comfortable atmosphere that enables artists to prosper. They are described as “artist-friendly,” with many young artists who have received valuable support from Now Entertainment. Working with pioneer hip-hop artists, the ultimate goal is to establish a powerful brand outside of the mainstream machine. The company’s philosophy is also about constant self-improvement, focusing on consistent learning, continually developing a person’s art and spiritual evolution.

 Raising Social Awareness through Media  Tony has frequently employed NOW Entertainment as a tool for raising social awareness for the betterment of the community. The NOW industry recently took a role in a fundraising campaign for the American Foundation for “Suicide Prevention” during National Suicide Prevention Month. Also, it launched a website to campaign against corruption and abuses of power in the law-enforcement system. Altruism is a crucial component of NOW Entertainment’s business approach that involves other activities like raising money for cancer societies. Recently, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Tony interviewed Eirliani Abdul Rahman, a former diplomat who is now a Twitter trust and safety council member and children’s rights activist about the work she’s doing for the homeless children of India.


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