• Nature is thriving.

Without us constantly running around to many different places nature is beginning to return to homeostasis and balance.

For example, less air pollution and the return of wildlife in areas that haven’t been seen for a long time.

  • We have more time for family.

The forced isolation has served as a reminder of how much our loved ones mean to us.

And with this newfound importance of connection, families are coming together in ways like never before.

  • We realized we are all equal with regard to the force of nature.

Rich or poor, great or small, this virus has impacted all of us.

Such a blow of global proportions has broken down the barriers between us and we no longer see ourselves as separate nations.

  • We are starting to understand how much we depend on each other.

On an individual level, I am realizing how much I need my friends and family. That without them life is just not the same.

On a societal level, we realize we need to work together to stay safe.

It’s not enough that one or two people will follow the recommended health guidelines. We must all work together in order to avoid spreading the virus.

And on a global level countries are realizing how difficult it is to get by without external aid.

We even see countries with previous rocky relationships now working together and sending medical supplies to help one another.

Let’s hope these relations will continue!

  • We have time to think.

Before COVID-19 we used to run around with little time to stop and think.

Now our lives have slowed down and we are starting to ask ourselves how do we move forward from here?

Is our previous lifestyle sustainable?

How can we arrange our time to live our best life?

These questions are already the beginning of something great and will prove to be the spark that propels humanity into its next phase of development.

One focused on relationships and community.