When we trek into the unknown, we ultimately learn humility and patience. When the journey feels impossible, it introduces feelings in us to give up.

Becoming aware of when a thought goes through your mind, or a feeling goes through your body, helps to understand that you don’t need to add more energy to it. How we react matters. We can feel whatever is going on within us, and it’s much healthier to acknowledge those feelings than it is to suppress them — or worse, to allow ourselves to buy into the fear-based beliefs that fan our fears.

Human beings don’t change easily. We all have parts of ourselves that resist change and want to hold on to how things have been. We get a sense of security from holding on to the past. We know it well — it feels familiar — and we hang tightly to that familiarity with the illusion that it continues to make us feel safe.

But this world, as we know it, is coming apart at the seams and is fraying. Old ways of living and working are no longer viable, and, as they collapse, healthier, more evolved ways of being are birthed. This will happen as more of us question why things are being done as they have been. Then, we can examine the answers and see which ones truly resonate.

When we ourselves are aligned with what we think, do, say, and are, we understand that we have choices. How will we respond to someone who is attacking us? Will we fight back, be offended, blame, judge, or simply walk away? We can set a course for our spot to surf the ocean, navigating our lives in our chosen direction.

Along the way, we might encounter beautiful islands with turtles and orcas, reefs with breathtaking wildlife, and shores with fascinating people. Will there be storms along the way? Yes, of course we will face bumps along the path, but with clarity of purpose as our guide, we’ll respond with higher levels of awareness. Should we feel that we would like to change course along the way, we may do so. This is all in the evolutionary adventure of life, and how we engage matters.

We need to remember to laugh and smile often, when we can, and focus on whatever elements of joy we have in our lives. It also helps to remember that wherever we put our focus is what is likely to happen. If we focus on financial ruin, for example, and imagine ourselves having to apply for loans and benefits, these scenarios are most likely to happen. Instead, we can focus on our opportunities and challenges, and consider what it would take to live our enough and only take what we need.

We stand at the crossroads, deciding which path to take. We can take the old path that can keep us locked in a world of blame, pain, fear, division, and suffering. Or we can choose the unknown. All we can do is purge and make space to imagine and have a vision of what a healthy life looks like for us.

There is a great deal of confusion, chaos, and conflict and it’s challenging to know what’s real and fake. But the smoke and mirrors are starting to be revealed, and while it’s unsettling, when we can see more clearly, we can become a bit more decisive about what we’re willing to step into. We may need to let go of something, return to an issue that isn’t fully resolved, or embrace a new beginning.

As I faced my own crossroad, I learned not to be enticed by shiny objects or credentialed famous people providing false promises. Being grounded in reality meant seeing through the illusions and delusions of the world I was a part of and learning how to ground myself in reality. I couldn’t snap my fingers and manifest my mortgage payment just by visualizing it and thinking positively.

In one of my failed partnerships, I was told over and over that “I can manifest anything just by thinking about it” and to simply observe Keith for his amazing ability to manifest whatever he desires. And as we spent a great deal of time together, I experienced Keith as an incredibly exhausted man who may have been manifesting many successes while attempting to fix the world — but he was also suppressing the brokenness inside of him.

And I was reminded, once again, that true freedom is experienced from unleashing our full potential and going deep into the corners of our mind so we can free it from the known. I continued learning a universal lesson: don’t let anyone tell you who you are. “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul . . . ” whispers Hermes Trismegistus.

Which path do you choose as 2021 open its doors of opportunities to you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about where you’re headed …

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