In the burrows of our hearts lay our deepest dreams and desires for our lives. But how do you access them? What must you overcome to lift the veil of doubt, fear, and insecurity surrounding them? What must ‘happen’ in our lives in order that we may bring to the forefront of our mind the deepest desires in our hearts? In other words, when can you give yourself permission to dream out your future based on the deepest desires of your soul’s purpose?

Pretty deep, I know, but also very relevant to your general sense of well being and productivity. This, in essence, draws out your utility factor, and the purpose of your life, thus ensuring you remain in a state of advancement. This enhances inner peace, because peace is a contentment and we achieve contentment when we are doing the most we can with our words, thoughts and deeds in evolving our lives; in actualizing our life.

So again, back to the beginning, how do we identify what our deepest dreams are? Because in order to live a life we dream of, we have to clearly see the vision. In order to see the vision we may look to the prompts for our life, that which illuminates the purpose of our existence in actual terms.

1). The Five Year Accelerator. What is your ideal experience in 5 years time for your life? How are you spending your time? What degree of excitement do you have with you life? What is grounding you? What are you known for? What reputation proceeds you? This is a very useful exercise, begin writing and visualizing this in order that you can open up your creative flow, and identify what motivates you and what is in your dreams for your life. See your ideal future self and the ideal experience you are having. Focus on the potentiality for your highest good in contributing the most in ways that are unique to you.

2) Your Most Pleasant Emotions. As there are clues for your dreams in your preferred emotions, what do you enjoy experiencing? Accomplishments? Joy? Family Togetherness? Translating our preferred emotions into experiences we can create to attract these feelings, is a wise tool on your path to clarifying your dreams. So what activities do you currently engage in that bring these out? What other experiences can you think of that would also bring about these feelings? How do you set out to create those experiences (sign up for a class, surround yourself with people that embody these emotions, et al.)

3) Creating. Artistic expression at all ages has a tantamount place in our ability to have the freedom to identify and create our ideal life experiences. Writing, drawing, painting, and dancing are many ways to express yourself creatively. This should play a priority in your life, allocating at least 20 minutes a day to developing your artistic expressions.

4) The sheep in wolves clothing. Where there is fear of self actualization, there is great potential. Sometimes confronting pain and eradicating them is possible, and sometimes scooting around the fear to get to the undercurrent of your preferences is also advisable. Any way you can get to the source of your truth is the right way. Fear seems passive at times, it seems timid like a sheep in disempowering our strength, but reality is fear is a vicious as any wolf. Stand fluid against feelings of fear when you are dreaming of your ideal life. Acknowledge fears and their perceived attempt in protecting us from pain and realize the fears are actually the source of the pain.

Allow the dreams of your life to charge over you and uplift you from any present limitations you may find yourself in in order to powerfully create the future you most innately desire. Dream, Intend, Act, Manifest, Enjoy.

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