“Ice cold waters runnin’ in my brain
And they drag me back to work again”

The Animals: “Inside Looking Out”  (Click here for the song on YouTube)

This song is actually taken from an old Mississippi “prison” song. After the Animals recorded it, Grand Funk Railroad later released a very much “rocked” up version.

This is my first article for Thrive Global. I found this song very fitting to use considering the writer was inspired by living in a prison. Too many people in this world live their lives in a mental prison – being trapped by negative/sad thoughts. I was one of them.

Mental health issues/concerns are at an internationally epidemic high. People dying by suicide, is at an all-time high. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that close to 800 000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Many, many more attempt suicide. That in itself is very sad and must change!

“Rocking”, or wanting/learning how to “Rock in life” along with “Focus” will be a constant theme behind my writings. Another recurring theme in my writings will be, “WYLIWYG ™(Will-eee-wig).” Did you smile when you said it? I hope so. Remember that one word. Learn to use it as a mnemonic, a word you use to remind yourself to think positive thoughts, all starting with a smile from saying, “WYLIWYG™.” It’s meaning, and usage, which I will expand on in future articles, can change your life completely.

Sadness, depression and suicide thoughts, are all feelings. They are feelings based on what we are mentally looking at. Feelings can and will change if we learn to take control of our thoughts. Easier said that done, right? It’s very difficult to do so – to deal with all the distractions that inevitably come our way. That is what I am here for: to encourage those of you who not only may need help reminding yourselves, but you may want to help the people you love and care for.

It all starts inside the head. It starts by, “Inside Looking Out”. The mind itself is the central part of our Human Machine that controls what we are looking at, what we “allow” to be processed, and what we “allow” into our sub-conscious mind. Once there, our vibrations and actions are a product of our sub-consciousness that can be very powerful but also consuming and debilitating. Like the song implies, if it’s “ice cold water” that’s runnin in your brain; they will “drag” you back!” Your thoughts, and as a result your negative vibrations, may have locked you into an emotional prison (depression).

I want you to look at a mirror and honestly answer one question, and maybe not today, but with help, learn a desire, for you, to take positive actions based on that answer. Then and only then, you will realize that you haven’t throw away the key to that prison lock: The question is: “What are you looking at?”

Are you looking at:

  • The
  • The
  • The

Or, are you looking at, and sometimes we have to really work hard to see this:

  • The
    Positive outcome (even if it’s just one), versus a seemingly multitude of
    the opposite.
  • The Freedom from something that wasn’t working.
  • The Power to chose something different and even better.
  • The Power to be you, for you!

It’s okay to be sad and grieve. That is part of what makes us humans the beautiful creations we are: emotions. What we must learn is how to control those emotions through understanding what it means to truly focus.

So! What are YOU looking at? Think about that until next time and be ready to start learning how to Rock your world! Remember WYLIWYG™!