Often time we are so focused on our environment and what the outer world is offering us we forget to tune into our inner world.  Do you find yourself repeating the same patterns wondering why do I keep going through the same situations over and over again?  This can be an incredibly frustrating loop we find ourselves in.  I know that I have experienced this type of cycle where I honestly felt like I’ve done the inner work that I was supposed to do yet I continue to find myself in similar patterns.  I am continually working on my personal growth and developments as well as my spirituality and daily practices for improving my life and learning.  Yet this pattern seems to be stuck on repeat and increasing in intensity.  

Can you relate to this experience?  I recently found myself experiencing a similar pattern that I had in a couple of my relationships except this time it was on a much bigger scale that rocked my beliefs system in a way I didn’t think was possible.  Patterns can show up in all areas of our lives.  Maybe you’re finding yourself experiencing a drain in your career and when you find the strength to make a change your right back in the same pattern or cycle only with different people?   Have you packed up all your belongings in hopes of a fresh start only to be met with the same situation?

What if we are facing the same patterns, situations, and lessons on repeat because we are meant to do more?  What if the pattern isn’t just for us to recognize?  Could this be the way the Universe is calling us into action?  I am a firm believer that we face lessons in life to learn and grow from them.   I also believe that we should share our experiences as a way to help others who may be going through a similar event in their own lives and could really use the support from someone who has experienced a similar situation.  Recognizing our patterns can take some time, it can take some deep soul searching to uncover why we keep facing these patterns.  What are the beliefs that we are hanging on to that keeps us stuck in these experiences?  

One action that I know I have consistently done when faced with a situation that was painful for me is that I would try to move through the painful emotions and feelings that I was having as quickly as possible.  I have learnt that this is not always the best healing process.  When we don’t take the time to honour our feelings and let them have their place we are not allowing the full healing to take place.  I am not suggesting that we allow these feelings and emotions to suck us down into the rabbit hole. Simply to allow the feelings and emotions to have their space without trying to justify them or change them; just see them for what they are.  Acknowledge how you’re feeling and that it’s ok for you to feel this way.  I also encourage you at the same time to spend time doing activities that bring joy in to your life.  This will help you to move out of the so called “negative” feelings or emotions in a natural process which will help to break those patterns and cycles because you’ve followed them through to completion. 

Part of the healing process and reason why maybe we’re experiencing the same patterns is to bring up awareness for others.  Is there a blog post, story, or book that you’re being guided to write so that you can encourage and support others?  Do you have a message inside of you that’s trying to come out and that’s why you’re stuck in the same patterns?  If you find that you’re struggling to heal or even just move through a pattern that your are stuck repeating, I encourage you to look at the message that is presenting its self for you.  

Are you meant to talk about it?  Write that blog post or article as a way to help lift someone else up who could be in a similar situation.  Notice how it feels after you’re done.  Remember sometimes our patterns are returning because were meant to share our message with others and just haven’t taken that leap forward.  Most often I find that lasting change occurs when your brave and choose to share your experiences in a positive way to help others.