Here’s one of mine:

As a small businesses owner, I worked at rapid fire pace, positioning services, hunting for opportunities and racing to grow revenues.  Moving at light speed became engrained and transferred to every action.  When I transitioned from owner to a corporate team, it became essential to slow my fast pace and consider the space around larger groups 

Results?  I look for ways to quiet my mind, space for thinking, and pace ideas to accomplish group visions

Pivot?  I re-engage my artistic side, relearning artistic skills I’d put aside for business.  Back to beginning as student, relearning techniques and how to consider shapes and spaces.  Slowing down thoughts and staging my mind around works in progress.  Hearing how others interpret shapes and spaces, and appreciating differing interpretations 

Every shape matters in sketching.  Details fall into place around thoughtfully considered shapes, light and shadows.  This is true in anything- whether art or business – it’s in the shapes around details where opportunities exist 

Many thanks to Simon Levenson and the The National Arts Club for an amazing sketch class and opportunity to create and consider the shapes of works in progress #strategy   #management #create