Implement these 3 correctly and you’ll be ahead of the game. Let’s start –

Notice: there’s profanity in here — i wanted this to sound like me.

  1. Write down in your Reminders what you’ll need to do tomorrow. This will usually take less than 1 minute to do, and it will create a mental map for you to follow during the day. Writing down daily reminders is crucial for you to focus primarily on more important tasks. Write reminders, please, your brain will thank you. And your mom will thank you too when your phone reminds you to buy milk at 8:30PM at the local Deli.
  2. Envision yourself going through your day tomorrow. Do this every night when you’re in bed, right before falling asleep. (Once you’re asleep, well, good night) ^_^ By envisioning your next day try to imagine you going over the tasks that need to be completed (ex: ok as soon as i wake up i get breakfast, get dressed, go to school, finish my second class, then hit the gym during break hours, eat, continue designing my website, check email, delete promotional emails and all email i don’t need, go to class, then at 3:45 get out of class, take the subway to go to work, finish work, get back home, quick run in the park, shower, then sleep; tomorrow repeat). It seems like a long list but our mind reasons so fast that once you get used to envision your day, this process will literally take less 60 seconds.
  3. Get the fuck out of your comfort zone. Literally, fuck comfort zone, at least once a day, from behind. Not quite literally, but yes. Do everything that scares the shit out of you. And I mean everything that is reasonable doing, don’t fucking drink toilet water after you shit in it only cause it usually scares you. (I’m making this quite graphic because my kindergarten teacher once told me that images and smells stick better in the brain).
  4. When you think you have a “good” idea, execute it! Ideas that never get executed are futile, of no value. They’re worth Zero, 0”, Nada, no shit. One day there was a person who thought: “mmh.. I think I’m having the best idea ever! I want to make an online platform for all professional people to interconnect”.. time goes by and that person never actually executed the idea because in that person’s mind there were bitchy negative voices, “buuuhs” from family members, friends etc.., or simply cause that person didn’t think that idea could be a winning idea. So that person ended up saying fuck it.. Fast Forward 2 years later.. LinkedIn was born, from another person who executed the same idea the first person gave up on. Ideas are what they are, some seem great, others seem shitty — but unless you execute them and try them out — you’ll never know whether they would’ve been successful or not. Probably i’d say that all ideas are good ideas if executed correctly. Think about it, there is virtually nothing that had never been thought of before — everything’s a remix, so we only have to make sure we make the best mix possible. Most importantly, we need to Take Action!
  5. Keep it simple. Don’t fucking keep email you don’t need, throw all those fucking papers that lay on your table and you don’t need, pay the gas and electricity bills right when they’re due; Your Phone: delete all fucking Apps u don’t use! Put the Apps you use the most on the main screen (i prefer arranging the Apps in a neat square-looking shape) — just like this:

Then, put all of the other apps you don’t normally use much in one or two separate folders. Just like this:

For example i put all of the default applications the iPhone comes with (Health, Wallet, Watch, Tips etc..) in one folder; and all of the other apps which I download in another folder (apps like Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Snapchat, Drive etc..). I prefer arranging apps this way so that not only my mind knows exactly where everything is and what apps have priority over others — i also don’t get distracted by having Instagram or Facebook constantly staring at me like saying: “open me!! — please !” No bitch, get the fuck away i’ve work to do now, but later you’re all mine sexy. Ehehe. (just kidding).

Keep it simple don’t complicate life more than it already is; i have a friend who bugs the shit out of me every time we talk about phones. This fucking guy always argues about how there are waaay better phones than the iPhone in terms of camera performance — he talks about how “oh this phone has this many more megapixels than the iPhone, shoots in 4K, and you can buy external lenses to attach to that phone to improve its camera” and all that shit he goes on and on… Okay get ready this is no joke guys — he bought that fucking phone, He took a picture, I took the picture of the same thing with same light and same everything.. I KID YOU NOT: HIS PICTURE WAS DOG SHIT. It fucking sucked. I swear, i took my picture with an iphone i bought in 2014 (3 years ago, and compared to how phones upgrade it’s a long time ago). He took that picture with a brand new 2017 sony “model ive not ducking clue what”, with a mounted 3.5 inch long lense, and improved internal processor and shit, and it was fucking blurry and with distorted colors. Like.. Duhh! what does it tell me about that person? (by the way that person is my best friend that’s why i’m genuinely making making fun of him; in the everyday life i appreciate and respect him to the fullest, he’s great guy) — anyways, in terms of organization and personal order he’s fucking out of it, he’s lost it, total mess. That’s no good you know.. i tell him bro, keep it simple man, you’re spending a load more money to buy all the additional parts and you still get worse performance results.

Also, another instance in which you better keep your shit simple is when you write. Unless you naturally use an extraordinary eloquent writing style, there’s no need to be fucking complex. Even if you were writing a letter to the president of a country, the more you keep your writing style sound like you, the more people will appreciate it, and appreciate you consequently for the fact that you’re keeping shit real. There’s already enough people around who imitate others just to look good, fuck ’em, they got no balls to be authentic. I’d spit on their face if there were no laws to obey. Fuck incongruent political correctness — fuck hypocrisy. All The away Up authenticity.

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