“The most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes”

Life! A journey on tracks with a particular destination.Few enjoy a smooth ride while the rest have unpleasant climate conditions.History is the proof that regardless of what is the circumstance, diligent work and determination can get you to your goal.

There isn’t any specific age to learn something and there isn’t any specific source to learn from.From nature to animals, From a kid to a developed grown-up, from stars to the sea, we as a whole have something to gain from.

There are no shortcuts to success but by learning and growing we can definitely increase our efficiency and ensure our prosperity.

Let me throw light on the lessons we can learn from these creatures no stranger to us:


It is no fact that many fear spiders.Honestly, I would flee in the event when I locate a spider.Keeping its appearance separated, there is one lovely thing to gain from them.

Let it be any place, you can see spiders everywhere.It doesn’t look out for any comfy place where it can thrive.No matter where and when we start, Now! is an ideal opportunity to begin as opposed to sitting tight waiting for a perfect day!


I’m not sure of the reason but I do have a soft corner for these creatures.I love the way they build massive structures and their teamwork amuses me.Such small creatures with solid teamwork, Ants are the best teachers of teamwork.


“The King of the Jungle”. It’s a misconception that one has to work whole time until they get exhausted.

Lion spends up to 20 hours a day sleeping.You aren’t a slave! Maintain a balance between work and your other activities to rule your path.

4.Jelly Fish:

Jellyfish have been around for 650 million years. They are 90% composed of water and can evaporate under the hot sun.They teach us that we need not be physically strong to persist.Adaptability is the hack for survival.


This is one of the fascinating creatures to find inspiration from.

At the point when an Eagle develops old, his quills end up noticeably powerless and can’t take him as quick as he ought to. When he feels powerless he resigns to a place far away in the stones. While there, he culls out each quill on his body until he is totally exposed. He remains in this concealing spot until he has developed new feathers, then he can turn out to fly.

“If you want to fly again, it is necessary to shed off old habits”.

6 Puppies:

I need not state when you hear the word “puppy”, the following thing that strikes a chord is love.

The principle purpose behind numerous connections to get that is inner self. Kill ego and you can thrive your relationship.There is no better animal to teach us out about affection than a puppy.


This is the most disgustingly perceived creature. But if you are attentive enough, you can learn from it too.

Cockroach shows us how to utilize what we have accessible to us for survival… .Cockroach is really a talented educator in the craft of survival and flexibility, particularly in situations that may appear somewhat unfriendly.

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