School bullying

Bullying is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly as it breaks you down emotionally and mentally. if you are often bullied and it has affected your personality, then its high time to take action.

i was a victim of bullying during my school days (not in school but in my school van.) I have seen many people like Taylor Hill who was bullied in high school She was insulted because of her height and because she was skinny. The bullies referred to her as “tall, skinny Taylor.”

So i can definitely tell you what i did.

1. Make it very clear to your bullies that you won’t tolerate any more of their activities. you can do this by (looking straight in their eyes) while warning them and being as strict as you can be. if you are timid and shy just act as you are strict, trust me it works for some.

2. Now if they don’t understand then better inform the nearest person in your class (for e.g. if its your classroom then inform your class monitor, if it is your school van talk to the van driver).

3. Till if the problem persist talk to your class teacher and tell them how serious this matter is,

4. and the last option is involving your parents and the school principal.

Now let me tell you some interesting facts

1. Most of the bullies are the weakest people among all the students. they lack confidence themselves.

2. You are far more strong than them (mentally or emotionally) so don’t let those morons affect you or your mental peace.

3. Generally, the teachers or the van drivers are considered responsible for your your safety. so they won’t let anyone hurt you(they know it can cost them a lot)so relax.

4. 90% bullies are afraid of their parents getting to know what they do. so they won;t dare to touch you if they realize you are not a person who would entertain them(read point no 1)

5. and lastly, trust your parents , they gave you birth(creators),they provided you education and all your needs(provider), they protected you from all possible threats(savior).

and what is the alternative for a creator, provider and savior?

yes , the very term God/almighty.

That is why we consider them the most God like humans on earth.

So just TRUST them. the would definitely take you out from the worst of your situations.

stay happy, stay positive